which makeup brushes ranking first?3 best makeup brushess reviews

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By Monica

which makeup brushes ranking first?Let's see the 3 best makeup brushess reviews!


Christian Dior Eyeliner Brush

Review by mielr: It's been a year since I bought it and it's still like new (few scatches here and there). I use it to line and smudge e/s and gel e/l and it works great. The hairs haven't splayed or anything! Probably the best liner brush I've ever used.

Review by shimmering: It's the best eyeliner brush I've crossed upon--because there is little hair and it's closely binded to the handle, it doesn't splay at all and gives precise lining and smudges exactly where you want to. It comes in a velvety pouch and is silver with D's all over--looks really pretty, and works really well, what else can you ask of a brush?

Review by Susie31: I love this brush! It's just perfect for heavier shadow application, and if you turn the head on its side, perfect for lining the eye. I used to have another brush that seriously HURT when applying eyeliner. Now I use that brush for my eyebrows, they seem to take the pain better! Since I have successfully used it every day, it was worth the cost.

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Unlisted Brand Foundation Brush

Review by mriaow: This is a review on the Sigma SS109 Contour brush which I use for applying my foundation. It's a MAC 109 comparable brush although I don't own a MAC 109 brush to compare it to. I have to say I Love this brush. It's very soft and dense and very affordable. I would recommended it anyone.

Review by London84: This is an amazing foundation brush. Just as good as the Px one and nearly half the price.

Review by LuiLui: ***This was a review of a Who's The Fairest Taklon foundation brush. The company is now out of business but their products were top-rate. I have unfortunately never found a better set of brushes since***
I had another foundation brush that I thought was excellent, until I tried this. I can't believe how much control I have using this tool. My EL Double Matte foundation went on and spread like butter. The taklon bristles waste no product and it cleans up extremely well. Great value for the cost of this brush (15).

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Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Review by isabellet: Love this brush! It doesn't shed and I've got it for years and wash it every week and it's still holding up. It's so soft!! Does a good job applying blush too. I believe that you need a good brush to get a good application. I'm sure if I take good care of this brush, it's going to last for years. Definitely a good investment. I still can't believe how soft Bobbi Brown's brushes are! Very good quality and doesn't scratch at all.

Review by cweiss: I find this picks up lots of pigment. I own many NARS blushes and find the result requires an application of loose powder to tone it down.

Review by Graceteix: Really soft brush that provides even smooth coverage. Would definitely recommend.

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