which makeup brushes ranking first?3 best makeup brushes

By Vicky

which makeup brushes ranking first?Let's see the 3 best makeup brushes !


Lise Watier Eye Liner Brush

Review by ooliedonna: This is a decent eyeliner brush. It's stiff which makes it a bit poky when you're lining your eyes. I like to use this to fill in my brows since it is a bit scratchy. It's really great for filling in brows since it picks enough color and makes very precise lines.

The brush is really finely made so if you take care of it, it will last a long time.

Personally though, I think you can find comparable brushes for a lower price. If you want to skip the process of looking for a brush, this is something you'll know is going to hold up and be decent quality. Just be advised that it is a little too stiff for eyeliner purposes.

Overall a good brush for your eyebrows. Won't repurchase since it's way too pricey for what it does.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is one awesome little brush! It's a small angled taklon brush with a fine tapered edge, making it the best brush I've ever used for making a fine line with gel liners. I'm usually partial to my MAC #209 or #311 but for a smaller sharper line, this baby really delivers.
Costs 16Cdn (prices recently went up) but it's worth it's price for me. So glad I finally caved and bought this.

Review by Farra: I like the small handle of this brush, and it's decent quality. However, for the price it could be better. The bristles have started to fray out and I will soon need to buy a new liner brush. When I do, it probably won't be this one.

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Lise Watier Lise Watier - Blush Brush

Review by julie9536: I really like this brush. It's the perfect texture. I also love the fact that the hairs don't break off and leave little "bits" all over my face. My MAC blush brush used to that.. and that's why my 2yr old uses it as a paint brush now :o )

Review by dxgirly: although it's not the softest brush i've found it does an amzing job at delivering blush, i bought this at the company sale in montreeal for about 8 which is a great price and it was in a special edition shade which is a gorgeous gold color(handle) i don't however feel it is the best brush u cud buy for the price (full), i would suggest only buying it if u got it on sale

Review by ckgurl714: Before I did my classes at Lise Watier, I had ALL of her brushes. They're just so unexpensive but high quality. I have some MAC and Faces brushes and those LW just win my heart. The blush brush, as said before, doesn't lost its hair and is extremely durable. They're pretty much all under 18 Canadian dollars (the most expensive one being the loose powder brush). You so have to get into these, you'll thank me!

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MAC # 190 Foundation Brush

Review by bebejacket: There isn't much to be said. I use this for moisturizer, primer, cream foundation, liquid foundation, and powder foundation. I want someone to come along and find me a better brush for foundation, because honestly, this does it all. It may not be as versatile as the 188 brush to me personally, but I adore this one all the same. I find it more practical than the 188 for profession application.

Review by bobsy: After weeks of debating with myself if I need this brush or not (it's quite expensive to me), I finally gave in and just bought it this week, impressed by its size upon seeing it in real life! I thought the brush itself would be too small, and thus would take forever to "paint" my face. But it's just the perfect size, and I actually feel kinda glamourous stroking my face with it. It was stiff at first, but after washing with MAC's cleanser and using it a couple times, it's soooo soft (it doesn't even feel harsh around my eyes) and spreads/sheers out my foundation wonderfully. I heard the MAC lady say hers has lasted for 6 years so far, so I guess my 30 was well-spent after all! :o ) Hopefully I'll see less breakouts now that I won't be using my fingers to apply foundation-- and no more messy fingers for me either :o ) What a great MAC product!

Review by Chloeclover: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush! I can not live without this! I am so glad I got it, it's the perfect brush for applying liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers... Doesn't leave those nasty streaks that some brushes leave! HG!

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