which makeup brushes is the best?3 top makeup brushess

By Christina

which makeup brushes is the best?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushess !


Unlisted Brand Posh Powder Brush

Review by blueaygi: I bought this brush as I was in desperate need of one and it happened to be on sale. Hav to say best purchase ever I love it so much only problem I ever have with it is that sometimes the brush bristles or whatver you call them do fall out and stick too your face.
But if I could find more of the brushes from this line I would buy again but have not seen them since I bought this one last year.

Review by pretty_please: The quality is good and the brush is very soft. It does not shed like the ones I bought at sears. It's a good deal to get good quality brush at a low price.

Review by fitnessa: I have the travel version of this brush, and I just love it! :) for the longest time I kept this in my purse for powder touchups during the day- however, most recently I have been using this brush for blush application.....and its great! it applies color to the perfect place on my face- and blends very well. The bristles are soft, and the shape is slightly pointed (just barely) so its also great for someone who like's contouring. All in all, Im very happy with all the POSH brushes I have tried- they aren't available in Canada, but one time at a local liquidating store there where tons of POSH brushes that came from a US shipment.....I regret not getting more.

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Unlisted Brand Posh Kabuki Brush

Review by pink_cosmos: This kabuki is a hidden treasure in the brush world imo. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond about a year ago. The brush is still going strong and I have experience little to no fallout of the. The brush is so soft. I like to use it for mineral makeup Only thing is I wish it had white bristles so I could see how dirty it's getting. Other than that no complaints.

Review by moth: I bought this brush last week on sale for 14. This is my first kabuki brush, so it's taking some getting used to. I love this brush so far; my powder foundation went on so much smoother than usual. I didn't even have to use a sponge to blend streaks like I did with my other brush. I would wash this brush before first use, since some dye came out of it on first wash. My old brush would lose large amounts of hair during each wash even though I'm gentle, but this brush didn't lose a single hair.

Review by Loriwong: I've been using this brush for mineral makeup for about 2 months. I have'nt experienced any shedding. It's soft and I bought the full size one for around 9.00. I went to buy another one for my powdered bronzers and they were sold out. When they restock I will repurchase. It's a high quality brush, love it.

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Coastal Scents Synthetic Concealer Shading Brush

Review by LuiLui: I have owned this brush for about 3 months now. I love it!! Great great great brush I like to use it for my MAC paint pots. I cleans really nice and stays soft but firm. I will be getting more just because I use it so much that I seem to be always cleaning it.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is a GREAT and oh so soft brush!!! I use mine to apply my eye shadow bases and under eye concealers. I am planning on purchasing a couple more for backup purposes.

This is yet another great Crown Brush offered by Coastal Scents

Review by lipstik: One of the BEST brushes coast scents sell. This is the perfect size for concealing acne scars and under eye circles. The bristles are full and picks up a very good amount. The design is simple, which is why it looks beautiful. I would definitely repurchase, as soon as coast scents offer better shipping rates;)

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