which makeup brushes is the best?3 top makeup brushes

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By Helen

which makeup brushes is the best?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushes !


Shu Uemura Powder brush 18R

Review by Carrie: When I got sick of MAC brushes (sorry MAC!) becoz their brushes, powder brushes are NOT SOFT at all.... I decided to try the highly raved Shu Uemura 18R powder brush.
I got it in red, very cute, and initially, it really does feel quite soft. No shedding problem, applies powder really well. But the more I use it, somehow, I feel it's not exactly THAT soft. Not as soft as many people raved about. Even the Chantecaille face brush is much much softer. Now that I'm using billybBEAUTY Paint Brushes, everytime I come back to this I just get really pissed, becoz it hurts my skin! Ouch.
For that price, I would expect a lot more.
Sorry, Shu Uemura.... I love your products but this just isn't that great. And it's not cheap either! About the same price as billybBEAUTY brush (but that's including shipping), and I would rather have his Paint Brushes.

Review by ciarar: This is a very soft brush, of course you can get softer brushes like Trish Mcevoy or Hakuhodo, but I'm happy with it, I love the hair color, I use it for very pigmented blushes.

Review by Cygentte3: texture is great. it shed sometimes a little bit.but overall it is great. i like it. it will last for at least a decade i believe.

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Essence of Beauty Eye Shadow Brush

Review by Capprii: after reading all the great reviews i decided to give this brand a shot during BOGO and was really happy i did. i have the dual ended smoky e/s brush and its amazing! really soft, fluffy with no shedding and just very well-made. definitely recommend and buy again

Review by pink_cosmos: I love this brush. It's super-soft, and it picks up a really good amount of eyeshadow with just one swipe. It also blends my eyeshadow beautifully. Applying my makeup is easy with this brush!

The only thing that's preventing me from giving this 5 lippys is that the brush sheds a little bit. The shedding isn't ridiculous, but expect it to happen if you buy this brush. Considering the price of the brush, though, I don't have much to complain about.

If you have a limited budget like I do, then get this brush. It's a very good product!

Review by nechama22: I use this every time I put on my makeup and I adore it. It's soft on my lids, picks up as much makeup as I want it to and doesn't leave uneven streaks or anything. I got it in my EoB Dual Brush Set, which is wonderful in a whole different sort of love. Haha.

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Bare Escentuals Bent Eyeliner brush

Review by jules2064: my sister recommended this brush to me for my gel liner and when i tried this, i was not disappointed. but, i was disappointed when i started washing it. i can never use a brush for gel liner and then put it back in my make-up bag unwashed. it ruins my make-up bags and the brush gets crusty and hard and crumbly. with this brush, when i started washing it after uses, the bristles get permanently frayed and completely mess up the liner application. i tried plucking the fray bristles off but the entire brush lost its shape. my sister washes hers daily as well because she uses the bare escentuals liner with the sealer mix, and she says she has to repurchase a new brush every two weeks or so. good brushes should not do that. my ultra fine bobbi brown eyeliner brush has withstood the wrath of the wash!

Review by lbarnold: This is my HG liner brush! I love a very thin line on my upper lid, and this brush makes it virtually foolproof to accomplish. My lashes look fuller and the line looks natural.

Review by bossanovaville: I got this as part of the TSV kit. The bent brush makes this a great liner brush when you want a really thin line close to your lashes. I like to use this for a very natural look to line both my top and bottom lashes. It just makes your lashes look fuller. Great brush to have in your collection.

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