which makeup brushes is the best?3 effective makeup brushess

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By Stella

which makeup brushes is the best?Let's see the 3 effective makeup brushess !


Lancome Pinceau No. 3 Brush

Review by stephanie32082: I am a doofus when it comes to applying heavily-pigmented blushes so when I heard the rave reviews about this brush, I knew I had to get it (lest I'd never be able to wear heavily-pigmented blushes). The 2 blush brushes I owned prior to this one all applied my heavily-pigmented blushes way too dark. Everytime I tried to apply these blushes, I got clown cheeks. Well not anymore! The Pinceau brush has soft, sparse bristles that not only take all the hard work out of applying deeply pigmented blushes, but also blend color so well, resulting in a very natural pop of color. I actually noticed that this tends to apply color a bit too lightly somtimes (imagine that!), but it's always easy to layer on more color. I am so glad I found this. Thanks to my Lancome Pinceau brush, I can now wear heavily-pigmented blushes with ease! =)

Review by London84: Actually I got this brush by mistake, I thought it was a blush brush, then got home and realised it's a 'specialised' brush. I used it for applying blush anyway, and it is quite quite perfect for the purpose. Very soft, but sheds a bit. Cute too.

Review by diachu21: This is also known as a "skink" brush due to the white man made fiber optic material mixed in with shorter animal hairs. Feels light as a feather against your skin. Whereas some brushes apply blush with a shout, the Lancome Pinceau brush applies blush with a whisper. It is not good for the lighter less pigmented blushes, but applies heavily pigmented darker brushes like a dream. Wonderful for those less experienced in makeup application as well. My only concern with this brush is that it looks like it would easily fall apart. Be very careful not to get water in the base - I recommend washing only the ends of the brush.

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Smashbox #3 Eyeshadow Blending

Review by lizbert: How much time has this brush saved me?
How many times have I used my MAC 239 or 213 to apply my all over lid color - dipping and redipping into shadow - just to get Brule as my base color.?
With the Smashbox #3 - one swipe - and I'm good.
It might seem like a fraction of time - but I swear I've been getting my eyes done like 2 minutes faster since using this brush. Which matters to me. I love putting on makeup - I think it's fun and creative - but sometimes you just wanna get it done. This brush is kinda pricey but so worth it to me.
It's soft, it doesn't shed.
It's like a hybrid of a 239 and a 227 - less dense than the 227 but wider and longer than the 239 --- but with a slightly tapered tip - which is good to get in the inner corner of your eye. Great brush.

Review by meeshmu: Best eyeshadow brush I own! It does everything for me (except liner, of course). It has very sleek styling, as well. I got it on sale at Ulta with a beautiful plum eyeshadow quad for only 10, but I will pay whatever price to get a new one if I ever lose or break this one.

Review by franjipany: I have had this brush for a couple of years now. Whenever I wear eyeshadow, I use this brush. I use it to put an all-over wash of color on my lids, and I use it for blending when using several colors on my lids. The bristles are dense, but not scratchy. This brush washes very well, looks like new, and does not shed. As with all Smashbox brushes, I love the long red handle. This is a fantastic brush.

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LaurEss Cashmere Kabuki Brush

Review by Alexis: I tried different Kabuki brushes from MMU companies and the absolutely best one I found was the one from LaurEss. It feels like cashmere against my skin. Minerals go on smoothly and it cleans up with baby shampoo and water. I haven't had the problem of shedding like I did with other Kabuki's and the long handle makes it easy to use. The CAT brush is good, but LaurEss is the BEST!

Review by suze9_8: This kabuki is the best I've tried. It's made of goat hair so it's super soft. Mineral makeup applies wonderfully. Usually 30 but I got it for 18 as well. Very dense and application of product is great.

I have kabukis from MAC and from Sephora and this one from LaurEss is the one I like best and use most. I like it so much--it's soft and gentle on my sensitive skin, it applies mineral makeup great, and any face powder nicely, frankly, including my bronzer from Sephora--that I got THREE of them. Yep. Three. One for translucent powders, one for mineral foundation, and one for bronzer/blending blush edges.
I adore this brush. When it goes on sale again, I'll get another for a back-up.
Yes, can't do without this one.

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