which makeup brushes is good?3 top makeup brushes reviews

By Sara

which makeup brushes is good?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushes reviews!


Jemma Kidd Makeup School Brush set

Review by jlinh2u: I was looking for a new brush set when the SA recommended Jemma Kidd to me. It was affordable for a whole set, great for beginners who don't have any brushes to start with. For me, I was just looking to replace my blush and powder brush, so I hardly use any of the eyeshadow brushes.
I love the flat top dome brush, perfect for my Jane Cosmetics blushes (the size of the brush fits the blush pan perfectly!). The liner brush is also good with use of eyeshadows for lining. It picks up pigments well. The whole set of brushes came with its own hot pink brush holder, totally so cute!
I hardly use the other brushes so I can't comment on it yet.
I'd definitely buy the brushes again, only if they came seperately.

Review by jenss79: this is a wonderful set, there are 2 flat eye shader brushes in 2 sizes, crease brush, liner brush and a flat top bronzer brush. all brushes are so soft, they dont shed and still look wonderful after having washed them about 20 times so far. the pink box is so cute also. would def recommend these.

Review by aznbebebabe: I love this set,I bought it a while back and have used it loads and its still in perfect condition.I love the flat top cheek brush,great for buffing in blush and powder and it washes up lovely with NO shedding.The eye brushes are lovely too and also wash well,infact I cant say a bad thing about this so I'll shut up :o )

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Sephora Professionnel Contour Blush/Bronzer Brush #43

Review by Capprii: I bought this brush to use it for bronzer but I think u can use this brush for almost everything on your face. I have tried it for liquid foundation, powder, mineral foundation, bronzer and blusher. In my opinion it works for al of these things. but with blush and bronzer it can pick up a bit to much colour if the blush or bronzer is very pigmented and you have a fair skin like me. I use it for bronzer, I dip the brush in then press it lightely on the palm of my hand and then i apply it very lightely. i put my blusher over it and go over it with a clean kabuki brush so that the colour and edges will soften.
I think the price is ok because the brush is really good and can be used for many purposes. in the Netherlands it was about 17 euros (23 dollar). I think the brush is worth the money and I really love it!!!

Review by taskeeng: This is by far the best brush for your money available on the market! The hairs are so dense and soft they feel absolutely wonderful as you buff if against your face. I bought this originally as a blush and contouring brush but went back and bought another so I could have it just for my powder. It picks up just the right amount of product every time with easy making this absolutely fool proof and the cut and angle of the brush make sure that it continues to do all the work for you by applying the product smoothly and evenly across the face.
On top of all that it take less time to dry than a normal brush this thick would (about 1 1/2 days as opposed to two of three), it retains its shape wonderfully and as long as I've had it it hasn't even so much as shed one single hair. I can not recommend this product enough!

Review by Viognier: At first I wasn't so sure about this brush but after a couple uses I fell in love! The flat top is perfect for contour and even just a dust of bronzer on the cheeks. But what I really love this brush for is BLUSH. Yes, blush. May sound weird to some but it perfectly sits on my cheeks and applies blush where I want it. The bristles are stiff enough for contour but soft and fluffy enough for blush. It also hasn't shed any since I've cleaned it (several times already). Good quality brush for a reasonable amount. I actually prefer this brush the the MAC blush brushes or contour ones. I recommend this brush to everyone.

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Laura Mercier Fine Point Eye Liner Brush

Review by lipstickcrazy: Absolute best e/l brush I have used. This has transformed all of my e/l products into finer, more useful, malleable products. Prior I was using Sephora Brand eyeliner brushes which I find too be too thick and flimsy to get the razor-thin line I love. Enter in this brush and suddenly I feel I have a whole new wardrobe of eyeliner simply because of this brush. Absolutely worth it, backup worthy. I'm wary of using my BB gel liners with this brush though, as I think I have ruined a few brushes with that product. I do hope this brush doesn't begin to splay after some heavy usage, as I give my products a beating. Will update with results, if extremely positive shelf life.

Review by dontblink15: This brush was introduced in conjunction with LM's Brilliant Eye Liner. I wasn't too interested in the liquid liner, but felt that this would be a good brush for gel liners I already own (I admit, I've never gotten the knack of LM's flat liner brush). The Fine Point Brush works perfectly for this, and retains its shape through daily washing. I hope this brush remains a permanent product of LM - even if the Brilliant Eye Liner does not.

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