which makeup brushes is good?3 best-selling makeup brushess

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By Stella

which makeup brushes is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling makeup brushess !


Body & Soul Large Powder Brush 1

Review by island_honey: This is a beautifully designed powder brush, in terms of color and prettiness. The handle is a lovely seafoam green, with the brand name engraved in black cursive for a retro look. In terms of the quality, the brush isn't too bad. The bristles are soft and luxurious, although less fluffy than the Stila #8 powder brush. Nevertheless, this brush is luxurious and great to look at, and makes a great addition to the dressing table.

Review by nemomemo: I absolutely love the Body and Soul brushes. They stand up to wear and tear brilliantly and stay soft no matter what. The great color on the wooden handles makes them really fun and cute. I have mine sitting out in a glass jar on my counter and they are a great accessory to my bathroom decor.

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Tarte Easy Crease Eye eyeshadow brush

Review by quantumkitten: I was disappointed with this brush. Although it's clearly made of high-quality hair and the look of the brush is very cute, it is way too big to be useful as a crease brush. I attempted to use it as such with some Nars Night Clubbing, and it spread the shadow almost all the way up to my eyebrow- yikes. Also, although I enjoy how very soft the brush is, I think I need a firmer brush to achieve the crease shading I'm after. Next on my list to try is the Chanel #2 Crease eyeshadow Brush. Hopefully it will work better on my teeny eyes!

Review by pinkiiish: This is a reasonably soft squirrel hair brush, which is small enough for me to easily apply e/s in the crease and even as all-over wash (although I have Sephora's short handle crease brush for that). I'm a make-up beginner so I can only compare this to one other crease brush which is Fresh Eye Sweep brush #30. The Fresh brush felt softer (wonderful in fact) but that's probably due to the hair being longer, hence more flexible, and since that brush started shedding immediately, back to the store it went. The 'easy crease' doesn't shed at all, and works well with shadows from various brands. I like the fact that it's small enough for my eyelids which aren't very big nor very deep set. Picks up the right amount of shadow or pigment. Paid 23 for mine. I'm now eyeing the Angled brush. Took one lippie off here because I want all my brushes to be soft as a baby squirrel's behind. Ahemmm...

Review by Cygentte3: Discovered this when it came with my Amber palette.
Bristles are full and extremely soft.. great for blending eyeshadow.
Amazing quality.. highly recommended.

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Borghese Costco 10pc Brush Set

Review by lizbert: These are good quality brushes! I agree with people that they're a good starter kit! The only complaint I have is with the skunk colored brush. Its not very full. I just use it lightly across my face to brush off fall out. The mac skunk brush is way wayyyyyy better. I like the medium sized eyeshadow brush as its bristles are denser and causes less fall out. The big powder brush is nice and soft. my FAVE brush is definitely the small thin eye shadow brush. I TOTALLY needed one for my tiny asian crease. I didnt even know I needed this brush but after receiving it I couldn't live without it. The little eyeliner brushes are pretty good too. Not good enough for eyeliner but I use it for highlighting my lower lid.
Oh also I didnt like the glitter in that one brush. They were tacky big flakes. I dumped it out and put in some victoria's secret glitter.

Review by jamelia: I really want to buy this brush set, I checked out on COSTCO's website, but they don't carry it anymore. Can anyone tell me where can I buy this?

Review by isabellet: Costco has these on display for Christmas 2011 there 23 I wanted to get them but I really want to purchase some Sigma brushes. There beautifully displayed and there very soft and well made. Not sure if I will purchase I'll see....

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