which makeup brushes is good?3 best makeup brushes

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By Monica

which makeup brushes is good?Let's see the 3 best makeup brushes !


Paula Dorf sheer crease brush

Review by Leelee57: This is my whole grail eye shadow crease brush. I literally could use this eye shadow brush in a pinch for all my eye shadow applications. I use this brush every single day. I love the size, feel and texture of this brush. If I ever lost mine I would run out to get another one within one day.

Review by fuxxy: Love this brush. It's fluffy enough that it works in my crease, but small/shaped enough that I can also use it to apply my other eye shadow colors (wash, highlight, etc.). As with all of the other natural bristle PD brushes I've encountered, this one is also made of soft blue squirrel bristles and for the price point, my favorite sheer crease brush (others I've used have included MAC's 217, which is quite decent but I prefer this PD brush for the cut of its bristles and the fact that the bristles are softer; and Cargo's Mini Crease Brush (shape is a bit more precise than the 217 for me, but not as fluffy, and this is just personal preference, but I really don't like how the ferule doesn't feel full of bristles and seems sharp). I could've just saved my money and bought this brush.

Review by fitnessa: This is seriously one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes ever...I love using this on clients because it works with every eye shape and you can do almost everything with this eye brush except for lining of course. I mostly love how it works with the crease and contouring the eye shape. Fantastic brush, seriously. It's very soft and doesn't shed. It's 28 dollars, but worth it! This is a must.

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Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush

Review by Elixir: My makeup bag these days is overflowing with Burberry and Edward Bess products. No bragging here. I have a theory that on many different levels less is more .Buy quality. Buy less. I swapped and gave away many of my old brushes and decided one would do. I purchased the luxury eye brush and yes, it is expensive but with proper care will last for years. It comes in an elegant,yet simple wooden box. It is the kind of brush that needs a box worthy of it. One would expect a fine piece of jewelry to be on the inside and to some extent it is ; heavy weighted metal and sleek with an expansive natural bristle brush. Jewelry for the makeup bag. The brush can take one broad sweep of your eye lid or can be angled for a smaller area. Buying quality. Buying less.

Review by IiIy: This is a very good quality eye brush. It came in a black wooden box. The brush is very fluffy and is slightly bigger than the MAC 217. The bristles are natural hair in black. I find the bristles not very even/ they don't stay together, some are sticking out which really bugs me. This brush is best for applying one color on the lid or for blending.

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MAC #168 Large Angled Contour Brush

Review by taurusgurl5984: this product is ok... it looks VERY cheap and it is def not worth macs prices BUT it does do a very good job at sculpting... i just use a eyeshadow (mac's saddle) to sculpt and it works well at applying it then blending it out. but overall its good if your a makeup artist but if your a everyday women DO NOT GET THIS YOU WILL WAIST YOUR MONEY!

Review by dlbd2k06: I love this brush so much. After using a multitude of other brushes for powder blush, including the 129, I converted permanently to this once I tried it. It's extremely soft, and very dense, and picks up the perfect amount of pigment. It also distributes color evenly. I've heard this can be used to apply liquid foundation - that's going to be something I'll have to try! 38 CDN, which seems steep, but given the lasting power of all my MAC brushes (some I've had for over a decade), it's absolutely worth it.

Review by angelchan: I've been using this for a while to contour - it's not the perfect brush for me, I'm still searching for my HG contour brush, but this is the best so far. It defines my cheekbones well, but it does not blend my contour powder well enough (MAC Harmony blush), there's always harsh lines that I have to go in and blend with a buffer brush afterwards, and I wish this brush did that same time so I wouldn't have to use two brushes for my contouring.
Else than that, it defines very well and picks up a perfect amount of product :)

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