which loose powder ranking first?3 best-selling loose powder

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which loose powder ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling loose powder !


NARS Loose Powder

Review by SisleyAus: absolutely the best

Review by AutumnBliss: Love this powder! Not a fan of the box tho.. Messy.. But it's worth it!

Review by Newme: I tried one of my friends Dessert and OMG it looked there was nothing on my face but did give me a nice complexion! I felt like it kept me matte longer and felt very soft and smooth! Got many compliments on it too :) Will have to purchase my own very soon!

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T. LeClerc Loose Powder in Nacre

Review by AokiJ: FRom the first time I tried T.LeClerc, I was hooked. Nacre is the perfect color for me. I am in between a Stila A and B, Laura Mercier Porcelain, and BB Porcelain. It makes my face look flawless! The first time I bought the poweder, I bought the tin. Big mistake!! The tin is cute. but is very impracticle. I splurged the next time and bought the voyage box. Much better for traveling and life with a three year old! Now, I just buy the cheaper tin and refill my voyage box. The powder is outstanding quality and it takes me about a year to finish a tin. It is actually a very good deal considering how long it lasts!
It also wont cause acne. This will always be a staple for me!

Review by Jaie: Recently got this in a swap- my my this is lovely!
I have to say, I am a Px Sheer rose (BR family) usually the second lightest shade of any foundation in general. I have slight yellow undertones, so I can get away with Mac NC20 most of the time (except in winter). This powder definitely looks light in the tin, but goes on beautifully and blends in perfectly. GORGEOUS product.
I have read so many reviews of T.Leclerc loose powder, and I now understand the hype! I don't know if I would spend this much , but I will absolutely try to swap for it!

Review by jamelia: A beautiful bright light beige with a little peach undertone. Don't let the color of the powder in the container scare you! It is beautiful and natural looking on. It really brightens up my fair skin. No breakouts or irritations.

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Merle Norman Merle Norman Luxiva Flawless Effect Loose Powder

Review by andij: I bought the Pressed Cersion in Barely There. I bought it as a backup to my beloved Jane Iredale Pressed Base. This powder is truly one of the best that I have ever tried! It stays color true and doesn't fade off throughout the day! It also doesn't go on chalky or accentuate any lines on your face! I will continue to buy this stuff for however long that they make it!

Review by mworley00: I always thought that there wasn't much difference in powders- one was as good as the next. I bought this powder to coordinate with the Merle Norman Flawless Effect liquid foundation. While I do not like the foundation, this is the best loose powder I have ever tried. It sets foundation perfectly, while giving a luminous glow to the skin. It is NOT glittery or sparkly. It helps to diffuse fine lines and imperfections as well. A lot of times "luminous" products use glitter and sparkle, which emphasize large pores and wrinkles. Not this powder- it actually helps hide my large pores. The good sized container will last probably a year. It also has not caused my any breakouts or irritation. Will repurchase when I run out.

Review by taskeeng: This powder is so wonderful if you're looking for an airbrushed finished. Works great alone or with foundation to smooth out imperfections. I have the compact and loose powder in Barely There and it is the perfect match for my skin, even with a little sun. Helps control my oily T-zone and lasts well. For those who have not tried MINUTE, please do! The Luxiva powder blush also is great!

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