which loose powder ranking first?3 best loose powder

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By Helen

which loose powder ranking first?Let's see the 3 best loose powder !


Coastal Scents Silica Spheres Powder

Review by Pinki: This gives the same sort of "soft focus" finish as Smashbox
or Monistat primer except in a powder form. With my dry skin I can only use this during the summer months.
I love to mix a tiny bit with a creamy concealer and use it as a base for my eyelids.

Review by peachy905: Initially i was contempt to get either this or MUFE super mat powder. After reading all the hype, I got CS wan instead. I got MAJOR breakouts! I tried mixing with my other loose powder, foundation, etc. It did't work at all. It also didn't help to control my oily t-zone. I stop using for a while, and then I tried again this week. It still didn't work. I finally went out to buy MUFE super mat powder. I flush the CS silica powder down the toilet, to my horror the water turn blackish grey !!!!

Review by nechama22: I bought it hoping it will help with the oil control,but it didn't.As a powder it's good and cheap,you need a small amount,it will last a long time.
It didn't broke me out.
It literally flies all over,you have to be very careful.
One positive thing is that it makes the skin really smooth.
UPDATE [Jan.02.2011]: I still use it everyday and I like it.As a setting powder it works great.

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Cle de Peau Loose Powder

Review by shimmering: Overall I rated it a 4 because I don't think this is the best loose powder i have purchased. Although it is a translucent powder, the powder is pink. The powder is very very finely milled (probably the most finely milled powder I have ever used. the other finely milled powder i have used is La Mer). I am not very sure if I will repurchase it again but I am giving this powder a few more tries before I decide if i will. For now, I much prefer skin colored powder than pink/purple powders!

Review by cweiss: I ordered and just received this powder because of the rave reviews. I like it but in a picture of me I looked too pink! I have lessened the amount I use. Did anyone else have trouble with the packaging? The little net that goes over the powder on mine didn't fit and now the powder is everywhere in the box!

Review by OutofControl: My mother swears by this so had to try it out - bought myself this for Christmas and have not regretted this purchase!! It is so fine and give such a smooth finish that I am amazed that my skin can look so good!!! Normally make-up would melt off my face by 11am and several touch-ups before lunch, but this powder lasted till 5pm with only one touch-up at lunchtime. It's not drying like others I have tried. Another must is the CdP Translucent Corrector for Pores - have to try it to believe it works!

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Christian Dior Poudre Libre (Loose Powder)

Review by pink_cosmos: I have the translucent powder and I guess its good.... I like to wear this on its own because its really cakey if you put it overtop foundation. I ADORE the new packaging, its so deep and pretty. I wouldn't repurchase though...

Review by munchlaxy: I liked the old version that I had used for many years much better. The new version seems to have stronger scent and chalkier texture than the old one. I also prefer the brush included in the old version. I guess I have to find my new fav loose powder.

Review by IMAproductwhore: My face looks FLAWLESS when I brush/pat this on. I was so shocked..my skin never looks this good.

It didn't make my face shiny nor did it leave a dry, cakey feeling. It gave a beautiful finish and although I have sensitive combination skin, it didn't cause me to break out. Throughout the day, my makeup stayed put which normally isn't the case. This product helped absorb any excess oil my skin produced and gave me a slight glow. It's now my HG loose powder and I adore the luxurious packaging. Dior also provides a generous amount of powder so it should last you a while.

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