which loose powder is the best?3 recommended loose powder

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By Helen

which loose powder is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended loose powder !


Physicians Formula Retro Glow loose powder

Review by dontblink15: first off, i want to say that once it is on your skin, it feels silky smooth! like satan, so nice, BUT since i have oily skin, it doesnt do much for the oil, so if you have nice skin, not oily, then this is your best friend, also, when i got it (10, kinda expencive for me) they dint have anything else exept for porselin, which is practicly white!. so that's a no no unless you are super pale. the packaging is kind of messy, cuz its a loose powderi wish it was a pressed powder. but the feel...ohh, so nice, on my lower cheeks, that dont oil, stays that way for the whole day...the feel is like..i cant keap my hand off my face! so yes, if they had a darker shade and could controll oil, then i would buy it

Review by laurilauri: What a great loose powder! I love porcelain -- one of the only loose powders that is white enough for my face. The unique finish has a very subtle shimmer that illuminates your face, yet the powder contols oil very well. I bought it for the cute old-fashioned tin packaging, and it turned out to be a find. **EDIT: I actually did buy this again when I ran out. This is the best powder.

Review by Cordelia: I love the packaging, first off. But besides that, the powder is great. Really cuts down on shine, and adds just a hint of tan that makes me feel summery and beautiful. I love the color, it blends in perfectly with my skin tone.

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Coty Airspun Fragrance Free Luminous Translucent Loose Powder

Review by Jaie: I was lucky to just get this in a swap, and not pay for it. I used this for the first time today - and all I saw was a majorly frosty mess! However, I did look illuminated! So, my solution to the issue is to mix a small amount of this into my ELF HD powder jar - and I'm hoping to only get a little of this look instead of major frost. I didn't notice a smell - although it is fragrance-free, some say they still smell something. The jar is kind of hard to work with, and not much product comes out of the sifter part, so you have to open the lid and then it gets messy! I'm hoping to get an illuminated look with my setting powder, not so chalky. I'm hoping this does the trick while mixed in with my ELF HD!

Review by munchlaxy: Coty has had this great retro packaging for years, since before WWII. Although now it has changed from the paper/cardboard package to a plastic jar container. This is a very good powder for dry to combination skin, but the luminousity may be too intense for those with oily skin. Since oily skin magnifies any sheen or shimmer particles in powders, you may want to just use it as a highlighter, but everyone else can use it as a setting powder. It gives me the softest glow- old Hollywood style- without even trying.

Review by guitarzan: This stuff is AWESOME. I've never been a loose powder user because it always looked too chalky on me. This somehow makes me look matte where it needs to be matte and luminous where it needs highlight...weird, but I love it! I was able to find mine at KMart for 6.50. They hid the Coty powders over in the perfume (???).

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Clarins Loose Face Powder

Review by nemomemo: I bought this after Paula Begoun gave it a rave review. It's an o.k. face powder. It doesn't have any shimmer to it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't use it often because it seems to give me a dry cakey look, but I think that's just what powders do. It comes with a puff applicator which is cute, but which as we all know, we should never use unless we want to look really creepy :) Probably would purchase this (or any loose face powder) again.

Review by isabellet: loved the glass box but that was about all. Its a very average product. Didnt look great on me and ive noticed alot of other people mentioned it smelt really strong I totally didnt like that at all. Not worth the £26 I paid for it.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I got a sampler in Transparent 01. The powder is super fine and the creamy light nude peachy color is attractive. I have oily skin. It does not have much oil-control effect on me, and the finish is so sheer, almost invisible, maybe I didn't use enough product. I have no comments on the package because mine is a sampler. It's a deluxe cute small cylinder with polished silver screw cap. The scent doesn't bother me at all. To me it's a clean, soap bar-like scent.

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