which loose powder is the best?3 effective loose powder

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which loose powder is the best?Let's see the 3 effective loose powder !


Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Review by aml1: While this stark white powder looks terrifying, it's fabulous. I too was a bit hesitant to put powder under my eyes, but this works wonderfully and really brightens up the undereye area.

Review by fuxxy: I use LM's Brightening powder #2 to set my concealer. I lightly brush the powder underneath my eyes stopping right before the cheekbones. Brightens up my entire face- I look refreshed and awake. Excellent product. I would repurchase regardless the price!

Review by shelby1123: I got this secret brightening powder immediately after reading the review here. In my experience, the air like powder would not thicken the concealer but the color tone is too light for me. I have bad purple brown dark circle that have to be concealed with peachy tone of concealer. Then, the dark circle turns to be more grey after setting the secret brightening powder. Except the color, it's a great powder for eye area.

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Lumiere Silk Powder

Review by Keva: very silky and smooth. i got it in ivory(sample). however, it dosent help to control my shine a t zone at all. didnt see significant difference in using it or without it. still wondering if i should get this in half size to use as a primer or simpy go without one. not attractive enough to make me buy it. shall consider.

Review by YolandaMC: Imparts an airbrushed quality to my skin. If I get carried away in the application of their beautiful brushes, this tones it down nicely without looking powdery. Pearl powder shall be my next experiment.

Review by AutumnBliss: This is the product that introduced me to this great line of mineral cosmetics. Although I consider myself a makeup junky, I have never used silk loose powder before, and now I will never go back to the talc/cornstarch based powder. I use loose powder over my foundation to control oil and to provide a smoother, more flawless effect. This powder is so lightweight and smooth that it feels like nothing on--but it helps keep my oilies under control and provides an airbrushed effect on my skin. What a difference! I use "sand"; I am fair-skinned with pink undertones, but this color works fine for me. It is also so good for my sensitive skin--no negative reactions whatsoever. Many thanks to MUA for the great reviews that prompted me to buy this.

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Alison Raffaele translucent loose powder

Review by diachu21: IMO, this is kind of a useless product.

Review by blueaygi: I got a generous-sized sample of this from Sephora some time ago. I used it over my cream eye shadow to set and it kept me crease-free all day long. I also used it on my shiny forehead after all my other makeup was said and done, and it did a good job of keeping the shine at bay. A very good product...

Review by auth: This is my HG loose powder. Looks a little fuinny in jar because it's white, but it does not go on that way. This is truely a translucent, sheer, fine powder. It does not give coverage - it sets your makeup without adding to it. I have very sensative skin and so far this is the only powder I have used, and I've used hundreds, that does not give me a rash as it has no mica or irritants at all!!! Finally after all these years of looking I have found a loose powder I can use. Now if she would just make a compact that works as well for me.

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