which loose powder is good?3 good loose powder

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By Christina

which loose powder is good?Let's see the 3 good loose powder !


Physicians Formula Aqua Powder in Translucent

Review by lorrainer07: I bought this prior to the mineral wear powder that came out and I was quite disappointed. It feels interesting when it goes on...but it cakes up like mad! If it's hot out don't even bother using this stuff...it'll just make a mess. All in all...this really is a horrible powder!

Review by belladoggie00: I lOVE the cooling effect of this powder. Feels like water going on yet is instantly a soft dry finish. I have heard this is the drugstore version of Prescriptives Magic powder. Does have a slight " glow" or shimmer to it. I think I will really like this on a hot summer day!

Review by lmharte: The powder looks too peachy in the jar, but blends well when apply on the face, and gives a nice glow, sheer coverage evens out skin tone, and don't dry out my skin like other face powder might. will definitely get it again when on sale.

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Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil spf 25

Review by wunverdoll: I love this as a finishing product. It is not too heavy and has a silky feel to it. I like that I can finish off my make up routine with a little extra chemical free SPF. Lovely, non- irritating product that doesn't look cakey or dry. Plan to repurchase.

Review by drusilladru: I don't normally wear powder over BE foundation; when I do, It's the fabulous MUFE HD. For whatever reason, I'm getting much better coverage with the foundation than I did years ago, so I don't really need a powder. I bought this because of the SPF, since I do forget to put on sunscreen every day, especially in the winter. I'd forgotten what a nice finish mineral veil gives. This stuff is much pinker than the color of the original mineral veil. Since I am both fair-skinned and extremely sallow, the slightest hint of pink does unpleasant things. However, this seems to go on fully translucent. After reading a comment here, I will have to check to see if I get orangey or oxidizes to an unpleasant tone late in the day. But hey, it's cheaper than dirt since it lasts forever and easy to work into my fairly simple makeup routine.

Review by clnfox: This product is pretty good at controlling oil for me. I know it's not intended for this purpose but it really controls my oilies. I usually have an issue with any face product that contains an SPF because it makes me extremely oily. This doesn't which is a huge bonus in my book.

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Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder-Fair

Review by Vaniessa: This is the powder that comes with all the personal kits (except for the dark ones). It did alter the shade of my foundation and make me look like I was an extra from the set of twilight. It did do a great job of setting my makeup and keeping it shine free and didn't dry out my skin. However the fact that it lightened my foundation and made me look overly powdery and white just make me not like it at all. (I am a P-45.)

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Very good price considering how much you get in a bottle! The only downside is the packaging, it can get messy. I love how it sets my foundation and does not make my face look oily during mid day!
I also love my Motives Dual Powder!

Review by JettNY: I love this stuff. I had to buy this for a drama production and now I use it for regular wear. It's very light (both color and texture) and goes on really effortlessly. My only complaint (and it shouldn't be, really) is that they fill up the jar too much so it's very easy to fill. I shouldn't be complaining about more product, but it gets a bit messy. Other, my HG powder.

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