which liquid foundation is the best?3 top liquid foundation

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By Christina

which liquid foundation is the best?Let's see the 3 top liquid foundation !


Lancome fluide illuminateur

Review by cweiss: This product is great! It is meant to be worn with foundation/powder. It gave my skin a subtle glow and camoflauges minor imperfections. I use it underneath my powder without foundation. I have stockpiled on this product because it is a limited edition (I hate whent they do that).

Review by munchlaxy: I mix this with my foundation to give myself a golden glow. Great for that sun kissed look! I also apply Lancome's star bronzer in Dore afterwords and I look like a bronzed goddess! :D

Review by aml1: I bought this in Soleil and I absolutely love it!! I can't wear foundations every day because they are too heavy for my skin. This is a beautiful, light textured illuminateur. I wear it under powder and it makes my skin glow and look healthy!

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Merle Norman Luxiva Aqua Balance

Review by tambien: I used this foundation for a few months and enjoyed it. It gave me nice coverage without being too heavy and felt nice on my face. They told me the product would last a few months but I ran out in about a month or so. Buying another bottle I watchful of not using too much and it still didn?t last me much longer (I do wear foundation almost every day). Due to the price and how long the product lasted me I stop buying it because it was becoming to pricey for foundation.

Review by ahappyplace: wow... i am truly amazed. i have been trying to find a foundation that covers my scars, does not make me oily, and is the right color. i FINALLY FOUND MY HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION. i already bought a backup. this is really great stuff. LOVE.

p.s. merle norman is so incredibly underhyped. there products are amazing.

Review by beckibabe: I went into Merle Norman last week to look at the tinted moisturizer. The lady told me to try the Aqua Balance instead.This is a brand new foundation that just came out. She put this on and dusted their Mineral Foundation on top of it and the result was flawless. It does not feel heavy at all on my skin. I ran some errands in the 90 degree heat and it stayed. It's been 7 days and I still love this foundation. I'm a NW20 and the color she used on me was ML42. I ended up buying this, the mineral powder, the brush and a creme blush. I am very happy with everything I bought and was surprised how much I liked this line.

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Prestige LightResponse Skin Smart Liquid Foundation

Review by shelby1123: This foundation gives a wonderfully smooth finish and great coverage. The packaging is compact, too. I have the "Bamboo" shade, which is in the NC35 range. The only thing I don't like is that it starts to turn orange on me, which happens with many foundations I try, because my skin is very oily. To be fair with the ratings, I did say that I would buy it again, though, because if it weren't for my "orange" issue, it would be a fantastic product, especially for the price.

Review by Bonnie2842: i bought the 3 shades coz its 70% off.. Latte is the lightest, sand is the medium yellowish and butterscotch is the deepest. I love Butterscotch coz it gives me a tanned look without looking muddy .. covers really good but still need to finish with a powder coz i notice there are tidemarks.. unavoidable eh. and blending it really is an effort.. i hate the smell. smells like MAC.. maybe becoz of the SPF15.. it contains oxybenzone. i dont use it on a daily coz of its packed with tough ingredients.. recommend for perfect skin gals.. but if youre acne prone like me.. its also okay but be patient in blending.. it stings my eyes though,.. love it love it!! the packaging is superb..

Review by aguskl: Oh gosh... I too love this foundation! It is in a wonderful squeeze container which is of course less messy and very hygienic. The color BAMBOO is beautiful! It is a medium yellow-based color which goes on very smooth with no streaking. The container, in which it's in is sooo cute...it looks like something from a high-end department store. I would definitely purchase this product again! :-)

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