which lipstick ranking first?3 recommended lipstick reviews

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By Vicky

which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended lipstick reviews!


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - Canotier

Review by Viognier: I love this! I am almost strictly a lip gloss girl ~ I own a few lipsticks, mostly MAC lustres and one by Dior. I like sheerer lip color and this fits perfectly. It's a nude, shimmery beige that enhances my lips and doesn't look weird with my NW35 skin tone. Feel very smooth and slick on. I bought two of these on the Facebook launch - this one and Boy - and I love them both. I moisturize my lips continually and I never have one issue with these being dry. I have to apply often, however I am used to it. This is a gorgeous sparkling nude color for Spring!

Review by Olive143: This review is actually a 2.5: The color gets a five, the lasting time and drying effect of it, a 0. Honestly, for the price this is just not at all worth it. I have to reapply this at least once an hour-- it just kind of disappears and leaves flakes all over my lips. It's a shame, because the color (a pale, cool, sandy beige) is wonderful. Chanel honestly disappoints every time I shell out. It's a huge amount of money for a mediocre product.

Review by lorraine07: I love this color! I am a big fan of the earlier released Coco Rouge lipsticks and was excited for the Coco Rouge Shines. What drew me to this color was the sheen: Like a highlighter. The color is a great fair pinky nude that is semi-sheer. It is a good combo of sheen and micro-glitter that reminds me of what MAC's Phlox could have been. Not comparable, mind you, but rather, this delivers the claims that Phlox did not meet (lip enhancing etc). I still love Phlox and wear it a lot, but for now, this Coco Rouge Shine has taken it's place in my purse. It's more moisturizing than Phlox. Balmy like the previously released Coco Rouge lipstick. I have sensitive, dry skin too and have had no problems. :)

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Bobbi Brown Roseberry

Review by mworley00: I love this colour, however, I don't wear this colour on its own. I wear it with the white Bobbi Brown lip gloss and it looks amazing. The colour becomes a beautiful, rosey pink, but the intensity can be controlled by how much roseberry you start off with. I just dab a bit on my lips and then rub them together to stain them. Everytime I wear this colour combination, I get a lot of compliments. Try these two together and I guarantee you will love the colour. Bobbi Brown is expensive, but this has become a staple for me!

Review by nina: When I asked the woman at the Bobbi Brown counter for a "dark rose," she gave me Roseberry, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It's a medium-dark shade, halfway between berry and pink. Some reviewers have described it as "bright," but on me it's more of a MLBB shade.
It's the most expensive lipstick I've ever bought (eek), but I've been wearing it for three days now, and the formula and color payoff do justify the price. It's more long-lasting than any other lipstick I've worn: over three hours, and that's with lip balm underneath (without balm, I assume it would last even longer). As it fades, it loses the berry tint and becomes a slightly brighter rose shade. The only downside is that it's a bit drying, and if your lips aren't properly moisturized, the color will cling to the lines. Overall, though, a great lipstick for day or evening.

Review by mashafromrussia: This is a great shade for me- pinky-red, intense but not too intense. It lasts on me, and fades to a nice color, too. Love it !!!

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Clinique moisture surge lipstick - sweetness

Review by pinkiiish: It's a pinkish nude, and close enough to my lip color that I could apply it without a mirror. It's a soft, appealing color, and would work for many PPP.

Review by guitarzan: I LOVE this lipstick. Most def. my favorite lipstick. It's super moisturizing and I loveeeee this color. It's seriously the perfect everyday nudge lip. I loveee the texture of this lipstick. I have a lot of lines on my lips and this lipstick doesn't make it obvious. It also has an SPF of 15 which is a plus! However, this lipstick doesn't last all day, esp. if you eat/drink. Oh and the price is pretty high for a lipstick too :(

Review by peachy905: I got this as a GWP, so when I opened it and saw the color, I was pleasantly surprised, as some GWP colors are not very wearable. This is a nice nude color, but a little on the dry side. It wears well though, so I might purchase this again when it runs out.

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