which lipstick ranking first?3 popular lipstick review

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By Vicky

which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular lipstick review!


Milani Moist Matte in Do the Mango

Review by didion0312: Ever since L'Oreal discontinued their limited edition sheer matte lipsticks, I have been looking for a matte lipstick to match it: moisturizing, sheer, and pigmented. Milani, where have you been?! This is definitely a new HG lipstick for me. Do the Mango (07) is a warm, brick red that looks much darker and browner in the tube than it actually is. Note: this color makes my teeth look really white, too. Normally this is not the case with yellow-based lipsticks. Genius! It has a slight taste of berry, which disappears after you apply it. One coat gives you a sheer tint, 2 coats, and you have richly pigmented lips. I did not even need to use lip balm underneath, this lipstick is so moisturizing! My hunt has ended, I am buying every one of these Moist Matte colors. They cost 2.99 at Walgreens, less than the cost of Chapstick. A wonderful discovery!

Review by gogoamy: I love this so much, I have four tubes of it! It's a rich brick red that is matte and has a great almost fruity scent. Plus it's so dang cheap! CVS has it on sale a lot, BOGO. Stock up if you love deep red!

Review by edie4711: I agree. This is the perfect red lipstick. It is almost a bright red, but still is wearable for me. I have trouble wearing any red lipstick with pink in it and any red that is too bright orangey red. Usually I resort to wearing reddish browns, which are more natural. This one is a real red, and while it looks very dramatic and polished and sophisticated, it doesn't scream at you "I'm wearing red lipstick." I like the matte yet moist texture too. Great lipstick.

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Chanel Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine in Samoa #75

Review by kjjamm808: Samoa is a very unusual color. I bought it on a day when I was getting a makeover at the Chanel counter during a skin event. Most of my lippies from Chanel are either pink or coral. I imagined that it was some type of pink, probably because the MUA put a pinkish gloss on top of it. When I wore it yesterday, I noticed the color. "Hey, this is not pink I said." It is a brownish-goldish-reddish color. It would look beautiful with a tan. Unfortunately, I do not tan and am a PPP. I think that I may save this for the fall when I am thinking of burnished copper and crimson leaves, for that is what this color reminds me of. I am hoping that I will grow to like it more as time goes on.

Review by munchlaxy: love this lipstick. It is rose shot through with copper. It is the type of colour that if you have no other make up on will lift your whole face without being "in your face" if you follow me. Lovely

Review by AutumnBliss: Samoa is a beautiful deep rose with copper micro glitter. It's great with my green eyes and not too intense for daytime use. It is sheer but not overly so. The Aqualumieres are one of the few lipsticks that have good sun protection, with adequate SPF and UVA protection.

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Manic Panic Blood Red

Review by Angeline: This is the beloved favorite out of my Manic Panic products. :) Truly a vixen color. When I see it on me, I think WOW. It's exactly what the name is... a seductive, sexy vampire blood red. Deep, bold, and long lasting. Rich and velvety when it comes to texture. I'm always amazed at the dark, vibrant red that this stuff puts on my lips. You wouldn't believe it unless you tried it for yourself. It definitely suits the vampire in me, that's for sure! It's the best and most beautiful deep red lipstick I've ever seen or had for myself or anyone else. It never goes pink on me when it fades. In fact, this stuff doesn't really fade much. I'd buy it over and over again if I ran out. I would never spend money on an expensive blood red, I'm settled with the opinion that it's far more worth it than the designer stuff.

Review by blueaygi: GREAT blood sucking red!I love it!!

Review by marsqurine: Gorgeous medium to deep pinkish satin red! this beats all my high end red lipsticks including it's texture very smooth and buttery, so underrated will buy more shades.

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