which lipstick ranking first?3 popular lipstick brand

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which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular lipstick brand!


Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Fireball'

Review by kimberpoo: This l/s is a great find imo. I′m a sucker what comes to a bright red l/s, I have at least ten, but I think I′m good for now. Fireball is perfect red shade for me, not too brown, no blue/cold or "berry" undertones, just bright and beautiful warm red, great for autumn with glowing, ethereal pale skin and just a hint of mascara. I don′t think makeup per se, can be "sexy", but this shade kind of is. I′ve got fair skin and strawberry blonde hair and this shade seriously flatters me. A must try for all (warm tone) blondes imo. The texture isn′t too matte (that′s so 90′), but really soft and moist, this also stayed on all day. Quality is kind of overwhelmingly good for a such a cheap brand. Package is ok, kind of reminds me of Shiseido. I would buy again.

Review by Alexis: A great bright orange-y red (see my pic above)! Goes on smoothly, lasts a long time, and doesn't dry out like so many others. I prefer rimmel lipsticks over most of the high end brands I've bought (Nars, etc). The colors seem to work better for me for some reason.
5/5, definate rebuy.

Review by pink_cosmos: i've been wanting to try red lipstick lately (if im brave enough to wear it) and i found fireball on sale for ?1.70. if it doens't work on me at least it was dirt cheap. i like the texture. its smooth, creamy and applies nicely on the lip. the color is a really lovely red and has lots of pigment. however, i can definitely detect some orange on this one and it also made my teeth look kinda yellow. i'm sure this will look lovely on someone with the right skin tone.

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Bobbi Brown Kir Shimmer Lipstick

Review by Sybil84: Kir is one of the few lipsticks that I can find that is in the almost red category. For some reason, I can't find a good red lipstick color I love. This one is a burnt reddish brown with coppery shimmer...really pretty on my golden olive NC30 complexion. The only problem is that the color doesn't last that long on me and starts to fade after a couple hours. Still, this could become a good office color staple for me...it looks very sophisticated and grown-up.

Review by lorrainer07: Love this color! It is a sheer brownish red(on me at least)and a hint of shimmer. My only gripe is the fact that it is a bit on the dry side, which I alleviate by adding a dab of Kir Sugar lipgloss over it. Love it and will repurchase if and when I run out.

Review by lipstik: I am surprised no one has reviewed this stunning lipstick shade. This is sort of a deep plum lipstick with a touch of brown to it.

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Clarins Joli Rouge 705 Soft Berry/Pêche de vigne

Review by mworley00: it is total moisture..the color is fits my skin ..it is just a neutral color then you can use it in every situation...if your eye make up is strong then use this lipstick..a great impact.

Review by ZoSo: Totally love it. It is very moisture and has a sweet pleasant smell. The cover is just lovely and pretty long lasting too.

Review by mashafromrussia: i am not a lipstick person, all my life i'm used to a little lipbalm or a gloss.. but joli rouge lipsticks changes my point of view totally.. i used to feel that lipstick are drying and it makes your lips look fake, but joli rouge range of lipsticks is absolutely moisturizing and it makes your lips looks naturally healthy and yet surprisingly it's quite lasting too! i have tried a few shades, and i love it all! no matter it's a pale pink or bright pink or nude colour, i can tell u, it looks amazing after u apply on your lips.. it glides on easily and moisturize your lips as well.. and also i was told that this lipstick contains peptides that has anti aging benefits too!! it's a must have!

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