which lipstick ranking first?3 good lipsticks reviews

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By Fiora

which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 good lipsticks reviews!


L'Oreal Tropical Punch

Review by Stampy_76: Tropical Punch is a muted deep reddish-brown shade, very wearable yet dramatic. It goes on with a beautiful shine, and looks great with a dab of clear gloss over the top. The flavour/scent is nice too, kind of soft and fruity.

Review by peachy905: How embarrassing that I still use this considering how darn old it is. But I love it!! Gorgeous deep berry red that makes my face brighten and teeth whiten. Also, love the scent. I need to go find a dupe...

Review by suze9_8: Sheer formula, great brownish red color. I love the scent to the Shine Delice lipsticks--my husband thinks they smell like PopRocks, that's the only candy we can place the scent to! The lipsticks are so nice. Tropical Punch is dark, but don't be afraid of it!

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Max Factor Colour Perfection in Chocolate 969

Review by bobsy: The Colour Perfection lipsticks continue to impress. I have Peony and Posey, and I love both colors, and love the formula as well. (I never loved Max Factor lip products, but they really have a winner with this one.) Now, on the recommendation of you MUAers, I have Chocolate, which is a color I never would have tried otherwise! I have been thinking about buying a brown lipstick for a while to complete my minimalist collection, but I have been wary of buying a lipstick that turns to Death Brown on my lips (you fairer-skinned ladies know what I'm talking about!). This is PERFECT - it's barely a stain, just a slightly glossy redwood-ish color on my lips. Gorgeous!

Review by roxiblue: I have this in Chocolate-- number 310(?) It's a warm brownish/mauvy red which goes so well w/my olivy MMM skin. It stays on when i eat/drink and doesn't get patchy. instead, it wears down layer by layer evenly across the lips until you are left with just a slight stain of color. looks very soft and natural. feels moisturising. i never have to reapply unless im going out in the evening. i can't believe how much i like this shade and the gel formula. i reach for this almost every day. definitely feels like a high-end lippie. my only gripe is that the tube is a bit unwieldy.

Review by Suzy_h: I have this in Chocolate but the color number is 310. It's a lovely warm reddish brown which is works well on my olive skin. It lasts well through a light meal and even at the end of dinner there's a bit of a stain of color still on the lips. It's not as long lasting as the Lipfinity but it's a little softer looking and more moisturising. The Lipfinity Everlites are a good improvement on texture from the old formula but the certainly don't add any moisture. I have to be religious about moisturizing at night while using those. These are more like a lipstick. Reapplication is easier, too. Topping it with a clear gloss makes for a great dramatic look, too. I like the new Colour Perfection gloss. Not sticky at all.

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Bobbi Brown Tulle Brown

Review by YolandaMC: I'm a PPP and this color looks great BUT for a pale person like me, it is a bit more colorful than what one is typically looking for when shopping Bobbi Brown. I love the lipstick but it is definitely not nude for PPP's like me.

Review by Bonnie2842: Very creamy, opaque and long-lasting formula. The color is a lovely medium rose with a hint of brown (in the family of NARS Dolce Vita, for sure). Very wearable. I love it. Definite repurchase.

Review by IMAproductwhore: Overusing the whole YLBB but this is perfect on me...it's a light dusty rose, a few shades lighter than my old HG, Clinique blushing Nude, which seems so dark now that I've been wearing this. I love the creamy texture and the way it fades so naturally...of course, it's LE so I'm rationing it, but I will be looking for it at the CCO in a few months since noone knows about it...lol.
EDIT: Just heard that this was made perm!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

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