which lipstick ranking first?3 good lipstick review

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which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 good lipstick review!


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte Carlo

Review by Pinki: I have been reading all the raves on beauty/makeup blogs about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. Today I gave in, and went to my local Nordstrom. I tried 3 shades (on my lips) out of the whole line. To be honest, I really liked all 3, but I settled on Monte Carlo. The color is berry like on my lips - with maybe just a hint of mauve. Looks very fresh and definitely brighten up my complexion.
Texture wise, it is very light. Very moisturizing, too. Almost like a lipgloss in a stick form. The SA warned me that it is very addicting! :)
5 out of 5 for everything. And YES, (unfortunately) I will be buying more of this gem, at 32 a piece! (+ tax).

Review by beckibabe: I bought four colors from the Coco Shine collection and this is by far my favorite. It is a orange base lip color but shows up more strawberry on my lips. It is a perfect go to lip color when you don't wear lots of make up but want a hint of color to brighten up your complexion. The texture is sheer yet very moisturizing, and in my opinion it does last for a few hours without having to reapply. Marte Carlo is perfect a summer and I'd recommend this color to everyone!

Review by kitten75: I got this shade because, already noticing the hint of summer color I've got, knew this would be the perfect summer shade. Punchy, juicy...a splash of tropical berry on my lips. Feels great, sheer color and layers well. I'm curious to try a few other colors although many seemed too sheer for my complexion. YMMV. This product is a win for me and I will likely buy a backup soon.

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Wet 'n' Wild Moody Mauve 915 Lipstick

Review by mworley00: I don't know how long ago I bought this lipstick, since I just dug it out of the pocket of a coat I haven't worn since last year.
The color is..a reddish...mauve, I guess. Haha, I'm not really giving you a great impression of the color. It's not too dark for me, and I am a younger lipstick wearer. I do apply lightly and blot, though. I tend to use a lip balm first and add some gloss on top of this if I have enough time. I do wear it alone if I have nothing else on hand, and it's not drying. There's a slight shimmer to the lipstick, but nothing like chunks of glitter.
The packaging works, but the tube won't look brand-new, as it's prone to scratches.
The only reason I'm not buying this again is I jump around from product to product, but I would recommend this for repurchase.

Review by pink_cosmos: OMGawd I totally LOVE wet-n-wild lipsticks. This color is more of a deep pink than a mauve color, and looks great on my PPP skintone. It is more moisturizing than MAC, Revlon, PC, and EL. The color doesn't fade away either, it leaves a nice stain, even after I've eaten salad with olive oil and vinegar! And these are under 2. What a d/s steal!

Review by CherryBlossom03: I just got this yesterday and I like it =) It's the color I've been looking for like forever. It's not really a true pink, btw. It looks more like a red to me. The color is great. It's that neutral red color that brings out teh lips nicely without overdoing it.
The quality:
For around 1.80 US dollars, this lippie's greattt. The color goes on nice and smooth and so far, I haven't seen it fade yet. It is a bit drying tho so it's not exactly like a lip balm. However, this doesn't bother me too much. Overall, this is a good lipstick.

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L'Oreal colour endure

Review by AimeeO: Hi ladies! Just wanted to let everyone know they have these at Dollar Tree in several shades- in the nude, berry, cinnamon etc. I dont remember the names! Bought one for my mom and she likes it a lot.

Review by iberian: I am unsure if this has been dsct or not. But, I'll find some if they were!
My color is Tres Mauve (i think) and it is a great mauve shade even though I'm a redhead and normally mauve wouldnt be good. it's a great shade, a flattering deep berry. It makes my lips look fuller, is matte but not terribly drying and doesnt get weird and caky in the corners of my mouth. The thing i love best is it makes my lips look so full. i have tiny lips. It lasts for hours even when i drink or eat non-greasy food.
I wish the tube were a short one as i dont like skinny long lipstick tubes. Otherwise, love it and will buy more :)

Review by Springncts: I really thought this would have had better staying power on my lips. I figured it would be comparable to my Revlon ColorStay Lipcolor (my holy grail), but didn't last nearly as long. I really wanted to like it too!

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