which lipstick ranking first?3 effective lipstick compare

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By Sara

which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective lipstick compare!


Clinique color surge butter shine - fresh watermelon

Review by Caligirl42990: Didn't buy this but tried it at the store twice. I'm pale, Chinese descent, with golden/yellow undertones but a marked preference for coolish colours. Warm colours make me look old and orange. Fresh Watermelon was bright pinkish red, almost slightly fuschia on me. After some consideration and comparing it to A Dozen Roses, I picked A Dozen Roses - Fresh Watermelon looked a little "cheap" possibly because it was too bright and garish. Sorry to spoil a perfect score so far...

Review by LuiLui: I really love the colour and texture of this l/s. It applies like a really soft silky balm with sheer red colour and looks like a gloss on the lips. Really brightens up my face without being dramatic, and very pretty for the spring/summer. The formula rehydrates the lips really well (actually, Clinique has some very good quality l/s IMHO) and the bamboo packaging is chic. Only drawback is it doesn't last very long on my lips, but we can't win can we?

Review by kimmie578: Never before have I worn lipstick until I tried Buttershine. I've long detested the heavy texture and unnatural look of full-on lipstick so I have always stuck to lipbalm and gloss. But Clinique has really taken the cake with this one!
It's sheer, it's weightless, it's moisturizing and dewy...and that silver bamboo case....
Fresh Watermelon is a luscious pinky-red that instantly brightens the face. I'm wearing this daily now and can't live without it!

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NYX Snow White

Review by Sybil84: I never review but had to for this lipstick. I am of East Indian origin, with golden/caramel skin... and this is my perfect Disney Princess lipstick! Not too bright, teeth look white with it, very Megan-Fox-sexy. The texture is super creamy and lush, which is good on your lips, but also means it transfers very easily (scary thought). Remember to apply in multiple layers, blotting the first with a tissue/index card so that it lasts longer. I use this with NYX's plum lip liner. Great for a night look, but I wear it during the day because I love how feminine it makes me feel!

Review by Keva: This color is gorgeous, not to mention pigmentation for these lippies are GREAT!! Staying power is unusually long as well. Would def repurchase *if I could ever find it!

Review by CherryBlossom03: I most of the times apply it very litely with a brush because this colour ist very pigmented and you have to apply it carefully so you don't look like a clown - if you apply it litely over a lipbalm as I do it will be looking like a stain so noone can tell I am wearing lipstick - it looks really pretty together with ivory eyeshadow (NYX Vanilla Sky or Geisha) and black eyeliner. A classy look. The colour is a rather deep true red - look at the pic I uploaded for you :)

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NARS Matte Lipsticks

Review by biomechmonster: Nars' matte lipsticks were a huge disappointed for me: very dry texture and overly waxy smell. The much-raved-about Pigalle left me looking like a corpse, too brown and too dark but of course YMMV.

Review by scrapdoll: nars matte lipsticks and chanel's hydrabase lipsticks are hands down the two best lipsticks that i've ever tried. i have nars' matte lipstick in "congo red", which is a beautiful deep burgundy red color. the staying power of this lipstick is amazing, and the added vitamin e makes it moisturizing as well. an all around winner.

Review by francesca39: There is a toss up between this product and MAC's matte lipstick. I find the colors truer within the NARS range, which is a good thing. I can put a little gloss over it and it really dresses it up. I'll keep in in my lipstick bag.

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