which lipstick ranking first?3 best-selling lipsticks

By Monica

which lipstick ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipsticks !


MAC Lipstick-Diva

Review by suze9_8: I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this color to death!!!!
It is gorgeous!! It looks exotic/sexy/feminine/pinup/dramatic/kissable/lucious
which is why its named "DIVA"..when i swatched the lipstick and looked under to find it was called diva,beyonce's song just came in my head.
This is soooo creamy, it reminds me of NARS "fire down below" but its a better consistency,its not drying
it lasts a long time!!!! TRUST ME
its a gorgeous color
the packaging is great
I would reccomend this if you're an exotic beauty looking for a sexy dramtic lip.

Review by sjcsmall: I am on the fence with this color. I went to the MAC counter with the intention of leaving with the perfect red lipstick but was met with an impatient unhelpful MUA. After trying a few and fed up with her ineptness she tried Diva on my hand I said ok and left (it looked good on my hand). When I went home and played with it I still didn't get that wow factor, but I've seen this color on lighter skin tones and it looks awesome.

Review by KateN: This is my dramatic lip color of choice. Definitely for nighttime only, and I agree that it's gothy. But for rare nights when I want ultra-glam, don't-you-wish-you-could-kiss-them lips, I do neutral-toned eye make-up, matte skin, and Diva lipstick with a good dose of clear MAC Lipglass on top. The heavy gloss is a must, or it is too goth. I use a brush to apply this stuff as it's too dark to make any mistakes with. I have extremely fair skin, and strangely, this is the only bright red that I can pull off.

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BeneFit Ms. Behavin

Review by kitten75: This lipstick is very buildable, as many others have noted.
There is no chunky glitter or shimmer at all in this lipstick, it is a nice sheer creamy shade of plummy purple.
It is not drying at all, and very moisturizing.
I like using this shade full on with lots of pigment. However, this is where the quality of this lipstick goes down a little. Since this lipstick is so glossy and sheeny on its own, the colors start seeping into the lip lines, ESPECIALLY if you use gloss over it. Not an attractive look.
I don't recommend this for older ladies, as the texture may just not be what you're looking for, with it seeping into lines. Perhaps if you used it sheerly!
A drugstore dupe for this shade MAY be Revlon Colorburst in Grape. I own that one. The textures are a tad different though!

Review by bobsy: I think this lipstick is really pretty! At first I bought it because I heard some of the cullens wore it in the twilight movies, but then I tried it and loved it! Before I would never even look at a colour like this, but when I just put a bit on and then blend it with my finger, it is such a pretty colour! Plus this lipstick I think is pretty moisturizing and definitely very pigmented. Overall I will definitely buy this again!

Review by julie9536: Absolutely beautiful-- the colour I was looking for. It's very buildable, which means it can easily transition from a daytime to a nighttime look. I tend to wear it as a stain, but I'm always tempted to just lather it on and go for a dramatic look. Very glossy and smooth, the only downside is it definitely dries out quickly, especially when you do a light stain.

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Milani Sheer Color-Lite Latte

Review by cosmokid: OK, never mind the fact that I had to drive to 3 different CVS stores to find this color - it was well worth the gas, LOL! Gorgeous peachy bronze w/shimmer and NO pink tones and NO frost! I have been searching for this color high and low for years. Smell is pleasant - kind of the same vanilla smell as MAC. Silky, smooth texture doesn't dry out the lips and staying power is pretty good. Great deal too....3.49 or buy one and get one 50% off. I bought 4 and I'm going back for more! Highly recommend this one!

Review by roxiblue: This was quite a nice and unexpected find. This is a sheer lipstick, it doesn't go on matte nor does it go on overly greasy or glossy. It has a lipstick feel with a slight glossiness to it w/o dried out lips. Lite latte is a light peachy beige color, great subtle everyday color. There is a slight sweet coffee/vanilla smell but it's not overpowering. Staying power is quite decent . I think there were only about 5 or 6 colors (if that)which limits one's options but other than that, this one is a winner.

Review by runtagua: Great nude color! Very shiny and moisturizing- no scent or taste for me! Definitely will check out other colors!

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