which lipstick is the best?3 top lipstick brand

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By Elena

which lipstick is the best?Let's see the 3 top lipstick brand!


Revlon Colorstay With Soft Flex Lipstick

Review by biomechmonster: This is my HG lipstick. I lurves it. Lots of pigment, great staying power, moisturizing, gorgeous colors. I don't know what posesses me to buy other lipsticks. Better than MAC, I'm serious.
Note: I am reviewing the lipstick in a tube, not the liquid stuff with a gloss coat on top.

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Lancome Rouge Sensation in Sun Blush

Review by munchlaxy: UGH! I bought this because of the rave reviews and boy am I sorry!! It looked YELLOW on my lips. It made my lips look like they were nicotine stained from smoking too many cigarettes (even though I don't smoke). I'm sorry I don't agree with the rave reviews what-so-ever!! This is going in the TRASH where it belongs!!!

Review by Bonnie2842: prettiest pink peach color lipstick...has sparkle and looks pretty on...love the way Lancome lipsticks smell...so happy that i have this pretty color...

Review by kit_kat68: i got this as GWP and am very impressed. i love its staying power and gold shimmer (though it can make your nails looks a little yellow). am almost done with my second tube, and am going back for a third!

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Rimmel lasting Finish - Drop of Sherry

Review by staci01: My mom got it as a gift from my sis and the first time i tried it, I am in love with it. Red without being too red, looks great on my cool asian skin tone. Very cheap and I love the coconuty pinacolada smell. Not too strong for me. Now I am going to purchase one for myself.
I have Airy Fairy and Velocity Gloss..I am in love with Rimmel lip products. :)

Review by blacklittlepig: I bought this lipstick on whim...I've been experimenting with Rimmel lately and have been pleased. I have Ballistic but it was a litle too brick red for me, but this I couldn't pass it looked so pink and shimmery in the tube. This is a a very flattering pink on me, I'm light/medium with golden undertones. Currently my favorite lipstick, this will most likely gain cult status with me, because I know right away whether I'll keep repurchasing a product, and this one is a definite re-buy!!

Review by Olive143: I adore this lipstick! It is a beautiful deep pinky-red colour with some goldeny shimmers that can be applied heavily for an intense bright look or lightly dotted on for a natural look!
I have very pigmented lips, and this lipstick is basically just a slightly intensified version of them, so it looks super natural but bright on me! I love lightly applying this and then applying a coat of clear shimmery lipgloss! It looks cute and sexy, and really awesome!
I wear this practically every day (this with a lipgloss, or just the gloss) and it makes my lips look juicy and vibrant! And it is finally a nice pinky colour that works for warm skintones/yellow undertones! Also, the formula is moisturizing, creamy, and down right perfection! Go buy it!!!
Yay! Perfect Lipstick!

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