which lipstick is the best?3 recommended lipsticks reviews

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By Tifanny

which lipstick is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended lipsticks reviews!


Clinique Chubby Stick

Review by CancerianPrincess: Just bought the new chubby stick in watermelon, and I'm in love. My new everyday, perfect on my fair skin, fantastic consistency. Amazing!!

Review by kat_25: got this free when the product was first launched. i loved it. loved the colour, loved the ease of application but won't buy it again cos i remember the colour doesn't last when applied plus i think its extremely expensive compared to the conventional lipstick!

Review by moth: I have this in Graped Up, and I love the color. It's not too grape-y...it's a nude plum shade. Great soft color for work on my fair skin. I totally recommend it if you're thinking of trying. The strawberry color is quite pink, so I tone it down with a sand-toned gloss. Enjoy!

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MAC Heatherette- Melrose Mood

Review by Caligirl42990: Terrible color, on me and all the MAC MAs wearing it when I went to the counter. The same blue based pepto bismal pink as Snob and Proenza Pink and the other god awful spin offs of this shade. I don't see this as pornystarish or sexy (porn make up is actually very flattering and well applied for the record!) just odd looking.The formula and texture were fine, I do love the way Mac lipsticks feel but the color is just not good. If you can pull this off congrats but to be honest I have only seen it look good in pictures as a close up of the lips only, on a full face this color looks silly and strange. Pass on this one.

Review by Alexis: I bought this lipstick because I saw Lil'MAMA from America's Best Dance Crew once wear a very similar shade with this and I love it... This was the only thing I am eyeing for in this collection.... Of course, as it ends up I bought more than I've expected.. But I love this shade... It is not as wearable however it is a shade that everyone should have....

Review by ahappyplace: LOVE! Yes, this is a very intense color, and not your everyday, on-the-go lipstick, however, if you work with it, it's gorgeous! What I do is dab is on TOP of a lipgloss, as opposed to underneath. This tones down the color a bit and makes it much more wearable! It looks great on top of Starlet Kiss [also Heatherette] or Viva Glam VI SE [LE], or really any light pink lipgloss. This is the first amplified cream I have ever used and it is amazing!!! I think I may like it more than my beloved frosts.Overall, great lipstick, very unique, and c'mon, I'd pay 14 just for the AMAZING packaging!

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Paula Dorf Cherish

Review by Chloeclover: I am a huge fan of Paula Dorf lipsticks - especially her sheer formula. Cherish is a new color, I find it to be a nice pinky-red - not too dark for wearing during the day. Like all of Paula Dorf's lipsticks this one is unscented and has good staying power (especially for a sheer formula). I have literally 150+ lipsticks but I have been using this one daily since I received it about a month ago. I think this color would look good on almost everybody. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and almost unpigmented lips. This color gives me a nice polished look for work and is gorgeous with a little shimmer lipgloss for going out at night. I highly recommend everyone taking a look at Paula Dorf cosmetics - I don't think she get nearly the recognition she deserves for having fabulous products! *****

Review by clnfox: I got this as a free gift from Zappos, so I didn't try it first. I took a chance and it's a great lipstick. There's nothing extraordinary about this color. On me it comes up as an old fashioned, nothing complicated rose; not brown, not red, not blue just a great rose. The sheerness gives it a nice shine. I'll always have this color with me for my off Nars-Dolce Vita days. I'll buy this when it runs out, to be sure.

Review by edie4711: I really like this color, a pinky-red which is tasteful and subtle. It's very similar to my other fave Nars Gipsy (also similar to Vincent Longo Cherry maybe) but slightly more sheer and subdued. The texture is smooth, moisturizing, no taste. It's maybe a little heavier feeling on the lips than I love, but not too much so. It's sheer but not too sheer or waxy, and the packaging is tasteful. I finally noticed all the Paula Dorf sheer tints at Sephora the other day and was glad I did! There seem to be a lot of pretty sheer reds of various shades, all of them sophisticated and smooth.

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