which lipstick is good?3 recommended lipsticks

By Christina

which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 recommended lipsticks !


NYX Heredes

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Woa I'm suprised by the bad reviews!!! This is an awesome lippie. On my light mauve lips it looks like a dark peacy coral/burnt pumpkin coral (I suck at descriptions), beauuutifull!!! The formula is excellent, these just glide on your lips and feel very very moisturizing. Ohh it looks beautiful with NARS Gina on the cheeks! x) The color will probably suit better medium-dark, olive, tan and dark skintones. I will buy this again and again!

Review by bobsy: This color appears coral on my medium-toned, middle eastern skin. I really love this color because I've been looking for a coral lipstick that doesn't make me look or feel like a clown. It's also very creamy and very cheap.

Review by guitarzan: I really had high hopes for this lipstick color but am disappointed. As Taralynn mentioned below, this is a medium terracotta color. However, on my lips it appears too orange-brown for me. This lipstick will probably look better on someone with a warm and duskier skintone.

I do like the texture...it's matte and creamy and applies beautifully. There is also no scent/taste.

I still give it a 4 because other than the color, the quality/texture of the lipstick is excellent given the cheap price.

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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #42 Biarritz

Review by kitkat85: Close in colour to Key West in Chanel's Aqualuminere range. Soft copper undertone helps deliver a subtle yet polished look. Generally preferrable to Coco Shine Boy for yellow based skin I should think. Touch of shimmer involved, but not so much as to make it unattractively frosty.

Review by belladoggie00: This lipstick is so amazingly moisturising and gives such a natural looking colour to my lips. It glides on easily on my lips and gives a slight shimmer to them too. I really like the feel of it and it almost feels like a lip balm so it not heavy at all. Its a great everyday wear lipstick!

Review by lorraine07: Biarritz is described as 'an amber beige, slightly golden under rays of sunlight'. I LOVE THIS! This color works for me as a beautiful everyday color or an amazing compliment to a dramatic, smokey eye.
The lipstick moves like an emollient balm but has a moderate staying power as I can still see a stain of this lipstick on my lips after eating. You would need to apply this lipstick constantly but the luxurious texture doesn't bother me as it hydrates my lips well.
Chanel lipsticks are expensive and you get less product with Rouge Coco Shine compared to their other lipsticks. There is a wide range of colors from neutrals, corals, reds, and pinks.

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Hard Candy Perfect 10

Review by kimberpoo: I really liked this lipstick. I too, hardly ever buy lipsticks but this was sheer and moisturizing with the faintest scent of vanilla. I was so glad Walmart had one in stock! It truly is mlbb, but I can see how some reviewers might say that it didn't show up on their lips. Anyway, I think the packaging's adorable, the color is divine, and it lasts for a long time. 6 well spent.

Review by munchlaxy: A little darker than MLBB, on the warm side, very polished and pretty. I won't repurchase because I have a lot of similarly colored lipsticks, but I still highly recommend this one!

Review by Ellz: I really like this lipstick! For me it looks like a nude that leans on the pinky-orange side of nudes, but it still looks flattering on me. The formula is very creamy and smells and tastes good. I like the packaging but it takes some getting used to, but it's cute!
Cons are that it doesn't last very long and mine almost broke off so I had to stick it back together, probably because the formula is so creamy.

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