which lipstick is good?3 recommended lipstick reviews

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By Monica

which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 recommended lipstick reviews!


Jane Lip Huggers in Boy Crazy

Review by peachy905: Just rediscovered this lippie after dyeing my hair a darker shade of brown andneeded something to look not so washed out. I love this lipstick so much- its shimmery, not too pigmented and works sooo well with my cool undertones. This is my new darker hair HG lippie. Also makes lips look MUCH fuller! RUN out and get this now-- i found mine at walmart.

Review by LuiLui: Boy Crazy has proved my point that Jane lipstick was one of the best drugstore finds. Boy Crazy is a beautiful shade, a little bit shimmery. The texture of this lipstick is similar to the one Estee Lauder I have (crystal line). It's great especially for only under 3. Can't go wrong

Review by sleepyone: i should've read the reviews first since most of the glowing reviews seem to come from women w/ pigmented lips.well i don't have pigmented lips and even w/ that i had to swipe it many times in order to get the color to show up. and when it finally did...it washed me out. sorry. will not repurchase.

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Milani Blossom

Review by pink_cosmos: I like the color because it has a touch of coral and pink together which is what i've been looking for. I can't stand the smell of it though. Its too strong for me but some others might like it.
I'm still on the search for different colors! but this is a great product!

Review by zhenya: Coral pink color. Nice opague finish. Nothing about it is revolutionary but it is a nice find for a d/s brand!

Review by stephanie32082: Blossom is a non-annoying pink that I have been searching for.....
on a complete whim I picked this up at Osco......it is matte to me and I top it off with a clear lip gloss and oh so very pretty!

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Clinique Colour Surge Bare Brilliance - Berrylicious

Review by bastet: I love this shade and the whole Bare Brilliance line - they're so sheer and moist and have the perfect amount of sparkle. I like this shade because it's sheer but has enough color so that I don't look washed out. Perfect for spring.

Review by clnfox: I didn't think I could like anything better than my Bare Brilliance Chocolate Ice, but I was wrong. I am loving this!!
Sheer, but with great color. Moisturizing. No fragrance.
The only problem is that it seems that Clinique has discontined the Colour Surge Bare Brilliance line........
Added 8/21/09: Found a Maybelline lipstick that is pretty close to identical!! Color Sensational in Madison Mauve :)

Review by Loriwong: Too chunky glittery for me. The glitters actually irritated my lips and lipline and were impossible to get rid of. This product is not for me.

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