which lipstick is good?3 good lipsticks compare

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By Tifanny

which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 good lipsticks compare!


Rimmel moisture renew red alert

Review by spitfireseven: I actually LAUGHED when I wore this for the first time. It's a bright, neon, IN-YOUR-FACE red. I would say that it's a neutral red which is allllmost too cool for my warm skin to pull off (it looks a little fuscia on me if I apply too much). It wasn't quite the solid, creamy red I was looking for, but for what it's worth, this lipstick is super pigmented, goes on smoothly (with one swipe!) and is pretty light and moisturizing. Overall, a great steal for the money and amazingly vibrant. I can't wear this every day, so I'll save it for special occasions.

Review by belle2216: I received this in a swap from a saint-like swapper who included it as an extra....she changed my life. Hands down, the BEST red lippie I've ever worn, my absolute go-to HG of reds. Wears smooth, light, and shiny. A flattering neutral red that feels more cheerful than vampy. I am running out now to buy several more to stockpile in my fridge for the future.

Review by scrapdoll: This is my HG red lipstick! The formula is great because it gives you a moisturizing and opaque finish. It is not matte at all which I like because those usually look really dry on my chappy lips. The price is amazing and for a drugstore product nothing can go wrong! I apply this with a cheap-o 99 cents lip liner and it never looked so gorgeous. It lasts a long time. I love to wear it bold red or just a sheer tint for an everyday look. I totally recommend this product and I would definitely repurchase.

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The Body Shop Clover Pink Lipstick

Review by AokiJ: Love this. A staple in my make up bag and purse. Been using it for years, the lipliner as well. The color is just a little stronger than my real lip color so it looks great. Much better match to my real lip color than Black Honey by Clinique which I find is too burgundy. This lipstick can feel a little dry at times but using a chapstick first helps. It stays put for a long time, and if I'm going out I will put a coat of clear lipgloss with glitter on top. The packaging could be a little nicer though, it's a dull charcoal grey plastic tube.

Review by dlbd2k06: For those of you who like a demi matte weightless feeling lipcolour in a neutral pink brown, your lips but more sexy shade, this is the one to try. There is even a matching lipliner. Great for the price.

Review by pinktulip: Lovely matte natural lip color. nude with just the right amount of pink, can be drying so wear it with a balm. looks very natural.
EDIT: Sorry, the Body shop has been purchased by L'oreal which is one of the worst ethical offenders for animal testing. The main reason why I liked this store was because I felt comfortable shopping here, knowing that anything I purchased was cruelty-free. Now all their profits end up in L'oreal's hands anyways so I can't shop there anymore. This is really unfortunate. EDIT: ok, I've changed my mind and decided to suppor the Body Shop again. Some of their products really are good and by purchasing them, L'Oreal might be influenced by the consumer support of cruelty free brands and adopt a similar philosophy for the rest of its products.

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NARS Lipstick in Honolulu Honey

Review by fuxxy: Simply put, I looked like I had foundation on my lips when I wore this. Yes, I could make it work with the right lipliner and gloss, but why with all the fabulous lip products on the market would I put fourth so much effort into one lipstick color? You can arguably make any color nice with gloss and liner. I like my lip products to be versatile, and this just isn't.

Review by i_darling: My perfect peach! At first I thought this shade is way too pale but when I saw my photos wearing this with MAC's Ember Glow layered on top.. t'was just phenomenal. I'm now crazy 'bout this and is super thankful that this is easily available from my local NARS counter. Would repurchase once done with my tube! Love love!

Review by misswillow: Absolutely perfect nude lip look that is elegant and emphasizes my bolder eye looks. I use with lipliners by Laura Mercier (Chestnut and Natural Brown) or my Nude Chanel lip liner. A tiny dot of Sunset Strip or Ginger Fizz or even Cabriria lip lacquer by Nars creates many different looks. A definite holy grail lipstick for PPP nc25 who uses a self tanner much of the year (lives in South Florida winters and Franklin North Carolina in Summer) so a beige nude lip is great for me.

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