which lipstick is good?3 effective lipstick compare

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which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 effective lipstick compare!


Givenchy Lip Lip Lip Lipstick in Breakfast Beige

Review by Pinki: Ireally didn't like this lipstik because it's the same color as my lips,it seems that i am using nothing on my lips.Hate it,I woldn't buy again.

Review by drusilladru: I love all the mini Givenchy m/u products, including these delicious lipsticks, in their neat little square tubes, that fit so handily into my m/u purse. Well, so much for the packaging - what about what's inside? The 'Light' range suits me perfectly - just more than a gloss, but nothing thick. They're translucent, and you can still see your lips underneath. This peachy-apricot color is great for the summer, if you have even a tiny bit of a tan. Glowing, healthy, natural and groomed. Love it!

Review by Olive143: This lipstick is wonderful. I am a NW20 and it makes a perfect nude lip, allowing to play with more colorful blushes and lined eyes. It is moisturizing and lasts even longer used with Givenchy's lipliner in #4 (lip beige). Pricey, but worth it.

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Flirt Chickstick Smooth & Shiny Lipcolor Sangria

Review by bastet: Holy cow, LOVE this color! I have been dying to do the pink lipstick for spring, but can never find a shade to work. I recently got Viva Glam Cyndi from MAC, and love it, but it gets a little gritty on me. I saw the flirt counter in Kohls and started swiping these on the back of my hand, and was shocked at how pretty sangria looked - this bright pink has those same watermelon undertones that Cyndi does, but in a smoother, creamier formula. It pops a little more on the pink than red side, totally beautiful. Wears great, feels moisturizing, and at only 12 a tube I need some backups!

Review by miss_mac: I didn't have any true bright pink lipstick colors in my makeup collection, and it began to bum me out a bit. Shouldn't every girl own a bubble gum colored lippie? I always stayed away from bright pinks because I feared how they would look on my tan skin. In spite of my irrational fear, I was on a mission at Kohls to find such a shade and I stumbled upon Sangria. The color in the tube is absolutely horrid (neon pink), but should not be judged too harshly because what it does to your lips is quite lovely. This is not a baby pink, but a pure pink that surprisingly works pretty well with my tan skintone. I probably would not repurchase because this is not a lippie that I reach for everyday. But when I'm feeling whimsical and ultra-girlie, I smear this stuff on and feel like a princess.

Review by blueaygi: I am so impressed by the quality of Flirt cosmetics. For a while now I've been wanting a bright pink lipstick, but couldn't bring myself to splurge on NARS Funny Face or Schiap. But I stopped at the Kohl's cosmetic section earlier this week, and fell in lust with their fabulous lipsticks.
Sangria is a bright but sheer fuchsia shade that is surprisingly flattering. It's a bit shinier than NARS sheer lipsticks, but the quality and packaging are comparable, and the Flirt doesn't have the unpleasant smell/taste that NARS lipsticks get after a while. Sangria also lasts longer than many other sheer lipstick formulas (MAC lustre and Benefit silky finish, I'm talking to you!). Add to this the fact that I can buy two lipsticks for the price of one NARS, and I think I may have a new HG lipstick brand.

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Bloom lipstick in Sweet Pea

Review by dlbd2k06: My all-time favorite lipstick! It is sad that Sephora no longer carries this wonderful brand - I have one Sweet Pea lipstick left and I am using it sparingly. Sweet Pea has the great Bloom mandarin-vanilla taste and is a gorgeous light/medium nude-mauve color. It is moisturizing and creamy, but lasts. It is the perfect MLBB color on me: no shimmer, natural finish, not too dark or bright or light, but doesn't wash me out either. I have dark hair and very pale skin and this color is very flattering on me. I have repurchased this lipstick several times over the years - it is not cheap (20) - but I don't mind paying that for such a lovely product that lasts a long time and looks and feels so great on. One of the few lipsticks I have ever completely used up!

Review by nemomemo: Sweet Pea is a beigy pink with a little hint of mauve. A decent everyday YLBB lippy, though there are probably better shades out there. It suits my fair complexion very well and I'd almost call it a "grown-up pink"- a pink that is suitable for work without being too screamingly girly and bright. The texture of the lipstick itself is smooth and creamy, and the staying power is good. The packaging could be improved from an aesthetic point of view but I've never had any dramas with the lid falling off or anything like that, just some unsightly scratches on the case.

Review by labelslut: When I am not wearing my Sweet Dreams gloss by Nars, this is a Holy grail item. A fabulous daily lip color for me (very pale, light blonde). It is a great neutral for me, with a nice pinky-beige (my favorite description for a lip color)tone. It doesn't look at all orange or ruddy on pale skin - it picks up the pinkish hue in pale cheeks, while looking professional and not too glossy/bubblegummy.

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