which lipstick is good?3 best-selling lipsticks reviews

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which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipsticks reviews!


L'Oreal ColourJuice Stick in Berry Spritzer

Review by jenss79: I don't wear lipstick or most colored lip balms. But when I saw these advertised as L'Oreal's answer to Clinique's Buttershines, I was intrigued. I got this in #720, Berry Spritzer. I'm pale, with warm undertones and normally tone down my large, pigmented lips. This is a total departure for me and I'm thrilled with it. Because of the texture of this stuff, I can stand to wear color. Its smooth, with a great slip. It doesn't take much to give my lips a deep berry tint and I think I'm in love!!
8.99 at my local CVS, worth it!

Review by Cygentte3: I would buy this product again but in the Cherry Freeze color. Pleasant fruity scent with no taste. Thank goodness otherwise I would lick this stuff off unconsciously. This is a sheer deep berry color that you can dab on lightly or build up a bit darker. It has more of a lipgloss slippery texture rather than a lipstick. (Its pretty much a lipgloss in lipstick form.) I can't wait to try other colors! :)

Review by jlinh2u: First off I would say this is a lip gloss packaged in a lipstick tube. It is a wonderful berry deep red colour that goes on sheer but it can be built up to whatever intensity that you would like. After a while, say 2 hours' the colour tends to fade and leave the glitter behind. The scent is nice and fruity alot like the original color juices but the gloss itself has no taste. Overall it suits my caramel complexion wonderfully but I think it would suit almost any colour complexion.

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Bourjois Rouge Hyperfix Semi permanent creamy lipcolor and Comfort Gloss Top Coat

Review by Lola_Bear: Fantastic product, no longer carried in the US apparently. Disappointing, because I haven't found anything else that does the job nearly as well. Beautiful rich creamy colors that last FOREVER. Then a nice gloss to add to the matte finish. I never wear lipstick because I just can't handle the maintenance of reapplying lipstick. With Hyperfix, I apply it once at the beginning of the evening and it stays put for the rest of the night.

Review by aguskl: THE absolute best long-wear lipcolor of it's kind hands down, and I've tried most, high and low end. I have Fraimboise (shimmery red, the only one I'll wear for nights out now, no liner needed) and a nude pink shade I forget the name of (Rose Impeccable?). I wish the color side came with a brush like the gloss does, but I can deal. Super pigment; goes on smooth, stays smooth, no flaking (and I have perpetually chapped lips), no drying, doesn't cake (unless you put on more than one coat which isn't necessary). The gloss is shiny, smooth (not sticky) and there is no scent or taste. Best of all, it really does last hours through eating (non-greasy foods) and drinking. If you've been burned by the rest, give this one a try. My friends are always commenting my ls always looks perfect so I had to share my secret :) My only complaint? They need more shades.

Review by bebejacket: Seriously, if you're looking for a nice pigmented lip color that'll seriously last for a REALLY long time, go for this!

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NARS Tangier

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love Nars lipsticks: Congo Red, Mongolian Red, Tanganyka, etc. This is a great color too - very dark and flattering yet neutral for my fair skin and reddish brown hair.

Review by lizbert: I love this!!! When I got it, I thought hmm, it's brown, dark brown. But when I put it on, I got a suprise. It's actually a brown-red. If you like darker lipsticks, try this one. It's dark but not vampire dark.

Review by Pinki: This didn't have as much red as I thought it would, but it's a great night look. A little darker than most people would expect but this does not hinder the beautiful color of this lipstick. Very few people can actually pull this color off. Luckily I am one of them. GGG here. Bobbi Brown's Chocolate is a nice comparison, but BB outshines Nars in this case. I would only repurchase if BB discontinues Chocolate.

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