which lipstick is good?3 best lipsticks

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By Elena

which lipstick is good?Let's see the 3 best lipsticks !


Trucco matte lipstick Charmed

Review by hersheyb: This is a dark neutral berry color that caught my eye. Plus it's matte! It's a bit severe for day, so I reserve it for evening looks.

Review by franjipany: I love Trucco lipsticks and this colour is another winner.A lovely dark shade.It is a berry colour.Very good staying power.

Review by GreeneyedGal: When I saw that a lot of stores were discontinuing Trucco products, I bought up more tubes of this shade. Trucco lipsticks have long been my favorite, as they are highly pigmented, creamy, longlasting and just feel so luxurious on the lips. I hope they are not gone forever :( Charmed
is a beautiful, versatile, year round plummy neutral shade, truly lovely with just about any skin tone. Only caution: I have found that this brand of lipsticks melt easier/faster than others. When I have ordered them through the mail from ebay they arrived melted and/or smelling badly as if they had expired (didn't have this experience buying them in store).

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Stylish

Review by auth: nice berry shade with light shimmer. burguny tube with click on lid that stays put and doesn't slip off in my purse. this shade is ver similar to mac Sophisto.

Review by lipstik: This lipstick confuses me a bit: sometimes it pulls quite rose on my lips (like now), which I like; other times it's much more nude/brown, and doesn't look great. I put it away a month or so ago, giving up on it, but took it out this morning and am loving its shimmery rose color. Today I'm wearing a fair amount of pink blush so perhaps that's why the pink in the l/s is coming out more. Anyway...when it's pink like this, it's a 5; when it's brown/beige/orange-ish nude, it's a 1. (Hence the 3 I gave it.) For the record, I'm a warm-toned Studio Fix NC25/GA5 with rather pigmented (pink) lips. I won't buy it again, but mainly because I have waaaay too many lipsticks to repurchase any but HGs.

Review by taurusgurl5984: This is a beautiful color-- a lovely plummy color on me, much like MAC's Sophisto-- but I imagine it will look a little differnent on everyone. The packaging of these is a cylindrical brown tube that clicks securely shut. The formula is nowhere near as moisturizing as Rimmel's Moisture Renew, but for me it isn't very drying. The only negative for me is the smell and taste, but I've goten used to it and I'm so glad I bought this!

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Clinique Different Lipstick - Angel Red

Review by Lola_Bear: My favorite lipstick ever. As stated previously, it's not great for the vibrant matte red ls look. That isn't the most wearable look by any means, and angel red is a much more versatile and wearable. I like to pat on a thin layer and top with a lipsmacker for when I'm going to work. It's definitely more pink than red that way, but not fuscia. With a full layer it's a soft red that doesn't scare my boyfriend away from kisses.

Review by scrapdoll: I wanted sooo much to love this product...it looked great on Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, but on her it actually looked red. On me, it turned into a horrid pinky burgundy. I am a MAC NW20, cool-toned with auburn hair and hazel green eyes, so maybe it is my coloring. I should have bought another HG Shy lipstick.

Review by blyss: Angel Red is a beautiful shade of red. I consider it neutral to cool in tone - it is not too blue-based, however, and there is no warmth in it. The formula is on the sheer side, and it can be layered for more intensity of color. I like to wear it sheerer during the day, apply it heavier for evening wear, it looks great either way. The finish is softly glossy and is comfortable on the lips.

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