which lip treatment ranking first?3 top lip treatment

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which lip treatment ranking first?Let's see the 3 top lip treatment !


Unlisted Brand Lypsyl - Regular Lip Balm

Review by angelchan: HG LIPBALM! Simple as that. I've tried everything - Chapstick, Blistex, Carmex, Softlips Nivea, Burt's Bees...this is the best. This gives the perfect moisture for any lips. I would use healing balms when I had cracked lips, but thy either tasted weird or were very heavy. Or Softlips, ugh, was next to useless. Slight minty scent is amazing, ad you cn't taste it at all! Nice, light, but moisturizing formula! Absolutely perfect and an amazing deal.I le the packaging too. At 2.99, it's just a steal

Review by rebec75: This lip balm is my absolute favorite. It's the best beeswax lip balm, better than Burt's Bees and cheaper! Every time I use it my friends are always like "What is that?!" and then they find out how amazing it is. As an added plus, the packaging is adorable. You slide the lip balm up with a little bee shaped thingy, I love it.

Review by lmharte: At 2.99, this "chapstick" can't be beat. More moisture and glides nicely - much less waxy than a chapstick, but not too soft or gooey either. I also like the oversize tube with the little "bee slide" - cute. I keep a tube on my nightstand to give my lips a generous coating to moisturize overnight. Very light minty, cool feeling. I might just have to get a tube for my purse too - rare to find a product that I consider effective and the right consistency for both daytime use and night time treatment. Will definitely buy again. CVS has packages right now with a pink coupon attached that gives you a 100% mail-in rebate - how can you lose?

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Badger Vanilla Madagascar

Review by aznbebebabe: The vanilla smell is so addictive!! One of the best smelling lip balms I have ever used. It's not as moisturizing as the bigger Badger lip balms but it still works quite well. Will definitely buy again!

Review by kjjamm808: I have several of the Badger lip balms, and this is my favorite! The pure vanilla flavor is delightful, and not at all overpowering. I love to use it right before bed. I love that it is all-natural. I have many of the Badger balms, and I feel good using them on myself and my kids. A wonderful company, great customer service, and exceptional products.

Review by Lyssa2676: Love it! Have been using the Creamy Cocoa cocoa butter balm for a while (which actually does not taste coffee or chocolately at all, it's the yellow one) and I saw this at the Whole Foods by my sister's house. LOVE IT! Just like the one I've been using but smaller, with no cocoa butter. The vanilla is not overpowering like some vanilla balms. If you are really parched, I would try the one with the cocoa butter in it first, I think it soaks in thicker, but if you want a thinner balm and your lips are not already dry, this is GREAT!
Also, if you can, don't waste time and money having this shipped and ordering it online. See if you can find it in your local Whole Foods Market.

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Unlisted Brand Stung - Lip Plumper

Review by cloud0204: Bought this product on a whim at for a penny on ebay. Boy does it burn. It is extremely hot, and it does burn your lips. On the other hand, it really does plump them. I have used several other plumpers, and this is the only one that has actually worked. The formula is rather aqueous, so it does tend to run onto the skin surrounding your lips and burn. Also take care not to get it in your mouth by licking your lips.

Review by dastac: I bought this product a couple of months ago to give it a try. For me, it did NOT plump at all no matter how many painful times I used it. This stuff is ridiculously harsh and I've learned after some research that you can actually burn and damage the tissue in your lips by using stuff this harsh. I do NOT recommend this product. Even if your lips appear to be getting fuller, it is not worth it because in the end you're just going to be damaging your tissues.
Also, the pain is ridiculous. If you're willing to suffer this much for fuller lips, just get the collegan injections... I imagine they would be a LOT less painful.

Review by belladoggie00: This is the best lip plumper I've come across and at a great price. (Ebay) It instantly plumps, and has a long term effect. I started out using it twice a day. Now I just put it on in the morning and my lips have remained plump. If I forget a few days, it's not an issue. This plumper does sting quite a bit, but the sting becomes less with continued use. I've used it for a year and, unlike Lip Fusion XL, it still effectively plumps my lips. The roll on bottle lasts forever.

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