which lip treatment ranking first?3 recommended lip treatment

By Monica

which lip treatment ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended lip treatment !


Labello HydroCare Lip Balm

Review by Loriwong: I was definitely attracted by the word "Hydrocare". It feels light and moisturizing but as previous posters have mentioned, it doesn't seem to last for that long. I have to reapply it a bit more than other lipbalm.

Review by Pinki: AWSOME! that is all I can say. It's light, doesn't feel waxy, has no spf so it's awsome for those nights when my lips are really dry. Good stuff!

Review by nechama22: Like any other cheap lip product this contains 'bad' ingredients. It will only 'sit' on my lips - doing NOTHING. After I became a skin teraphist I stopped using products like these.. not recommended at all.

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MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner- Fuchsia Fix

Review by Ellz: i love this stuff. it really moisturizes well, my only complaint is that the color doesnt show on my lips. ill probably end up getting this in the plum color, but as a balm its definitely one of the best ive tried. i really like the packaging even though people seem to hate it. i use a brush with this but i can imagine it would be inconvenient in the future (i just bought it today)

Review by Angeline: I love everything about this product. The color, the texture, and the smell are all perfect. It looks bright fuschia in the pot, but it goes on a sheer, clean cool rose color, and the texture just melts into the lips. This has no gloss or shine at all, but it instantly softens lips and seems to make mine look fuller. I use this every day instead of lipstick because it's easier, and it gives me a healthy look for work that I can touch up quickly. Highly recommended.

Review by OutofControl: This is definitely not a scary looking fuschia lip balm. Rather it gives a natural looking pink flush to my pigmented lips. This one is a bit brighter and more pigmented than "petting pink." These lip balms feel smooth and moisturize wonderfully. Glad they have spf in them!

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Christian Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

Review by aznbebebabe: I love this product! It slips on like a balm but gives a glossy sheen when on. It looks like a bubble gum pink in the tube but on my lips it appears as a medium pink (noticeable but not too bright). I much prefer glosses and balms over lipsticks but hate glosses that are too sticky and balms in a pot that I have to apply with my fingers. This comes in a tube like a lipstick and makes my lips feel moisturised without feeling sticky. It is fairly long lasting too. Overall a great product and I would definately repurchase!

Review by belle2216: This is a nice little luxury for the lips. However, it does feel a lot more like a make-up product than a skincare one. It feels like a heavy and intense balm on the lips and i'm too keen on the pinky glow effect. But a few hours after use my lips feel fabulously smooth, so it clearly does something! Its a nice girlie lipbalm but not a life changing one imo.

Review by dastac: This gives such a pretty color and it doesn't make everything an unnatural pink like O-gloss.
Granted it's pretty expensive from a lip balm stand. But the color is great and different with each person, the formula is smooth and balmy without being oily or greasy and it lasts a good amount of time.
You'll have to re-apply after eating but it lasts longer than a lot of other balms I've tried.

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