which lip treatment ranking first?3 best-selling lip treatment

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By Christina

which lip treatment ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip treatment !


GAP Beauty Favorite Lip Balm

Review by amystar: I really like these, but I find that there are a few inconsistencies in the formula. I have two - Apricot and Apple Cider. Both scents are really nice. Apple Cider has a little more of a taste to it, kind of spicy but not apple-y. The Apricot has a very light, almost unnoticeable flavor. The major difference I find is in consistency. Apricot is very smooth, nicely moisturizing - feels how you would expect a chapstick-like stick balm to feel. The Apple Cider is a little strange though. It feels a little gritty, and is very emollient and almost greasy feeling. (Although not enough to turn me off, as I keep using it). I took a lippie off, because of these little inconsistencies and the price (4).

Review by Erin: This stuff works so well; I was pleasantly surprised! I picked it up on a whim (in Tangerine flavor) because my old lip balm wasn't working for me, and I think I've found a new favorite!
It goes on smooth, doesn't get sticky, and makes my lips very soft. The smell is also great, but it doesn't taste like much of anything, like I expected it would. Still, this product is a great buy!

Review by pretty_please: I LOVE THIS!!!! truly my favourite lip balm ever. i have the vanilla latte, razzleberry, passion fruit and pomegranate flavours and they are all incredible! the scent is never too over powering, and they make your lips soo soft. most of the ingredients are natural which is also a plus. best lip balm ever! and really cheap too, you can buy tons!

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Blistex Clear Advance

Review by nishie: I bought this on Paula Begoun's recommendation. While it moisturizes the same as any wax-based balm, and allegedly provides sufficient UVA protection with the Avobenzone content, I was told that the Octinoxate destabilizes it's effectiveness in that regard. There seems to be conflicting research on the subject, and I'm not an expert on the subject, but I thought I would include that information.
If not knowing makes you nervous, I'd look for a lipbalm with a physical sunscreen, ttherwise it's a fine product at a very reasonable price. Can't say I'm crazy about the smell, but that's neither here nor there.

Review by cgosyne: I bought this for my BF and wow what a difference. He has this really bad habit of chewing on his lips and I got him this hoping to curb his habit. i worried that he would complain about the smell or say that it was too shiny but he didn't say anything (which means he liked it!)After a couple of days his lips not only are moisturized but actually feel softer with no unpleasant taste (except for my own lip gloss hehe).

Review by Springncts: i like this lip balm because it's cheap, easily available, and has broad spectrum protection (avobenzone). it's got a fruity taste that i neither like nor dislike. i don't find it more moisturizing than other lip balms, but this is one effective sunscreen that i'm going to use every day.

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Shiseido Lip Conditioner

Review by bebejacket: This is one of those day to day lip conditioners. I love it as it was very natural looking. I apply this on at night to stop my lips from cracking. IT's not sticky and that's what i love about it.

Review by Angeline: PROS: It has SPF.
CONS: It is not moisturising and spends pretty fast.
Thi s doesn?t feel like a lip balm at all. The first thing I expect from any lipbalm is that it is moisturizing. This doesn?t moisturize at all but, fortunately, it doesn?t dries the lips. The only thing that can partially justify me spending such an insane amount of money on a lipbalm is that it has SPF and it works good under lipstick or a lipgloss.

Review by kitkat85: This product is a must for the winter time. I love it that it doesn't smell and glides on easily. great texture and melts to the warmth of your lips. The only negative thing is that if you wind the lipstick all the way up, it can break easily and this has happened to me twice. and of course, expensive compares to "chapstick". hahaha.

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