which lip treatment is the best?3 top lip treatment

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By Fiora

which lip treatment is the best?Let's see the 3 top lip treatment !


Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Therapy Lip Protectant

Review by JettNY: I agree with the last reviewer! I have paid up to twenty dollars for stuff that did not work nearly as well. Your lips feel great after a few minutes with this stuff! And stay that way when you use it consistently (and not even constantly)... A keeper!

Review by Carrie: I like Aveeno products but this one totally failed me. It has a slightly minty smell and tingles the lips a bit. It only further dried out my lips.

Review by bossanovaville: This is my absolute favorite lip balm. It is very moisturizing, yet not greasy at all! I love the way it cools down my lips too. After the menthol and camphor smell burns off, it has a nice, natural vanilla scent. The best part is that it has no lanolin, which makes my lips swell up or get rashy.

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Yves Saint Laurent Exfoliating lip balm

Review by dlbd2k06: I bought this product ... becausei had never bought an exoliation lip treament ever before. I must say I was nicely suprised !
The product is soft, it worked great o my lips, it smooths them and they look radiant afterwards ! The balm smells of mint/strawberry somewhat, i's refreshing and yummy at the same time cause it doesn't smell TOO chemical at all. The exfoliating beads look like strawberry seeds and sugar mixed with a rich gloss. I was very pleased !

Review by coolRED: I love it! It is a very refreshing lip balm. It leaves lips very soft - it is like a scrub for lip skin. A very nice product!

Review by oneofmylies99: I guess this product belongs in the category of items you never knew you needed, but once own, can't imagine living without it! It exfoliates the lips much better and more evenly than any other methods I know of. I always have a big problem with dry, chappy lips in the winter, no matter what I use. This really removes the dead chappy skin on my lips, so that it can absorb moisture, and that keeps them from becoming dry and sore, and in turn more chappy, Smells fresh of mint, and the pink and golden little tube is cute.

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Shiseido Sun Block Lip Treatment SPF 15

Review by bekkbekk1985: This is a great lip treatment. You can really feel how its moisturizing agent differs from those bought at drugstores. Got it really cheap on ebay, so I didn't have to spend 17 on this.It's so smooth and silky, yet it's got great staying power too. Would buy it again!

Review by tippygirl: This is a great, moisturizing lip treatment in a tube. It looks like white lipstick but goes on translucent. I don't find that it lasts a long time so I do reapply frequently. It is very expensive and I think there are equally good drugstore products out there for less money. I even like BB liptints in the tube with SPF of 15 better than this because there is a little color with the BB ones. Overall, very nice product, I'd love to receive it as a gift but I don't think I'll buy it for myself again.

Review by pink_cosmos: I'm never without one of these. They are pretty expensive but a lot of lip balms that say they have SPF of whatever don't have anything to protect against UVA rays. This one does. Even people who are serious about facial sunscreen sometimes don't pay that much attention to lips but they can get damaged by the sun pretty easily. So, not only does this product have superior ingredients, it feels great and gives my lips a nice glowy shine.

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