which lip treatment is good?3 good lip treatments

By Stella

which lip treatment is good?Let's see the 3 good lip treatments !


Avon Moisture Therapy - Moisturizing Lip Treatment (tube)

Review by srobinb: It is great for when I go to the beach. wouldn't wear it everyday since like everyone said on here it is a bit waxy.

Review by kjjamm808: PROS: Has SPF 15. No smell, no color. Some shine. I like the tube applicator. Good price (on sale for 99 cents!).
CONS: Not very moisturizing. Not very attractive packaging.
IMO, you're better off getting some Vaseline. Will not repurchase.

Review by Bonnie2842: Basic, cheap and exellent. To cut back on my beauty dollars, I now use this instead of Kiehl's lip balm. Both have a petroleum base, but this is more moisturising and a lot less greasy than the Kiehl's. It is excellent under a lipgloss or stick because it is wax based. At 1.00 a pop on sale, I can buy 10 or so at a time and not feel bad about having enough for every purse. I also keep one stashed in my desk drawer at the office, in the bathroom, in my train case in the lipstick drawer, on my night table, etc. It's quick easy and a lot more sanitary since it is in stick form. This is the best at night for conditioning the lips while you sleep.

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Avon Flaver Savers Lip Balm- Tangerine

Review by kimmie578: One of my favourite Avon balms. I love citrus glosses and this smells INCREDIBLE. It tastes alright, too. I was thinking it would leave an orange tint, but luckily, it just goes on clear. If you get a chance to buy this one, I highly suggest you do so!

Review by Angeline: It is a little more orange than tangerine, but it's still great. Comes out clear on my lips with no orange tint. It's my new HG balm! I'm addicted. And for under a buck, why not! I'm going to stock up, and try the strawberry flavor, too!

Review by Alexis: It turns my lips orange! If you want to have orange lips this is for you. But, I dislike the way it looks on me. It certainly smells good though. But, I never buy products just for the smell alone. The packaging is definitely cute, and the price is enough to where you don't feel you wasted your money even if you dislike it (0.99 cents)!

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Avon Avon Naturals Lip Balm in Raspberry

Review by LuiLui: YUM, this smells so good and like all the Avon Naturals lip balms it's very moisturising and great value!

Review by pink_cosmos: This is good stuff. It smells really good. Not much else to say about it. The only drawback-no SPF.

Review by franjipany: This is a very moisturizing, glossy lip balm. Im sorry that i discovered it too late, I beleive this has been discontinued. I did see two other scents available though in vanilla and peach. I think I have used the peach one before, and I loved it. I do recomend these, the best balms are made by avon, especially the dew kiss is awesome.

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