which lip products ranking first?3 recommended lip products

By Marcella

which lip products ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended lip products !


My Lip Stuff Marshmallow Krispies

Review by Graceteix: The only thing missing from this balm that would make it exactly like a real rice krispy is the snap, crackle, pop of the cereal! I can smell the marshmallow, the cereal and the butter. It's sweet and warm at the same time. Very good!

Review by bunnyrabbit: My very first My Lip Stuff balm and I absolutely love it! I'm note sure how rice krispies taste like, but this reminds me of Quaker S'mores Granola Bars! The exact taste and smell. I got this balm as an emergency as I was running out of lip balms (I'm totally addicted and my lips are always chapped) and I'm so glad that it did/does so much more than just save my lips. Usually, the good lip balms never taste or smell good. I can't wait to get more balms from My Lip Stuff!

Review by dxgirly: Smells like sweet butter... which I definitely don't care for. As you can tell, I don't really like the smell! lol.
Great consistency... shiny, smooth, and lovely!

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C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Mentha - #1648 Baby Pink Mint

Review by Carrie: I guess I'm the only one that doesn't like this. I do love the colour, but how it sits on my lips..it's gunky and you have to smooth out the edges with a finger so it doesn't look funny. I hate the smell, medicinal minty goodness. Mmm..

Review by cgosyne: I really like this! Reminiscent of Burt's Bee's lip shimmers, but I prefer this texture. It's really just like a chap stick, and is extremely moisturizing. I like this color, because it's sort of a nude, fresh pink... kind of like "your lips but BETTER". I like the tingling feel and smell, and it tastes decent too. I'd definitely recommend this.

Review by Jessimau: I got this on sale at Bath and Body Works a long while ago. I really love C.O.Bigelow products but I only liked this. The minty feeling wasn't as strong as the lip glosses, and the color was only ok. My biggest annoyance from this product was how soft it was, if I put it too high and put it against my lips like I normally apply lip product it would start to lean. I was afraid it would break off, so I kept it low at all times.

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L'Oreal Glam Shine Cream - Sweet Nude

Review by i_darling: Being pale, I never thought I'd wear nude lipstick, thinking they were all brown/beige based colours that would look awful on me. I saw this in a magazine and thought it looked quite nice so went and tried it out and was amazed that it wasn't brown but more of a rosy neutral colour. Looks MLBB on me (normally a wearer of pinks/reds, and is quite subtle as is the shine but it's exactly what I want for a natural lip. Great drugstore find!

Review by julie9536: This is my favorite nude lipstick - a pink nude color and it smells very nice too like plums or something :] However it isn't as glossy like in the ad! If you put it on lightly its almost semi-matte. Love the creamy texture and its longlasting on the lips.

Review by cosmokid: Unfortunately, this has been discontinued from the Norwegian market, luckily I snagged two on a trip overseas lately, including this one. I love this lipstick, it's so sheer and light, and it feels like it adds a decent amount of moisture too. I just wish it hadn't been discontinued, and that it had a more luxe container, it looks cheap!

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