which lip products ranking first?3 best-selling lip products

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By Elena

which lip products ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip products !


Too Faced Bunny Balm in Waikiki Watermelon

Review by kit_kat68: I have a review of grapefruit too which is my perfect HG so that's my full review, I love this too but the pink is too dark to suit me (quite pale I am) so I use this one before bed - yeah, yeah, it gets on my pillow case but I dont care, it's worth it!

Review by auth: I purchased the Waikiki Watermelon one after trying the Pineapple Pin Up because I wanted a balm with some color that I can wear during the day. The shade of pink is so pretty and it smells amazing. I absolutely love this balm! I'm also glad they re-designed the tin, the old ones were such a pain in the ass to open!

Review by moth: As far as lip glosses go, I don't think you can expect more than this. It's moisturizing, gives a pretty hint of pink that adds a bit of life over any nude lip color, and last for a long time. Though I tagged this as a buy again, I really wouldn't b/c I figured out that I'm not a fan of lip glosses. I don't like it when my hair sticks to my lips. Still, this product does what it's expected to do.

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Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Maple

Review by i_darling: This was my first foray into the Stick Glosses, and I am really liking this one. In comparison to some of the others that the SA showed me, this one was more heavily pigmented, but still had the same moisturizing feel. I'm a PPP with hazel eyes and light brown hair, and I think this color makes my skin look absolutely glowing and sets off the color of my eyes. With minimal eye makeup, this color completes a sophisticated, elegant flawless face. My only complaint is small, but you definitely need a good l/l to keep this one from bleeding-- I use LM's Red Chocolate.

Review by shelby1123: I have searched for the perfect red shade for SO long and I finally found it!. The color is very well described in other reviews, on me it's a gorgeous everyday red that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I love the fact that I can wear it everyday without my lips screaming RED! The lasting power could be better, but for something as moisturzing as this it's great. A bit pricy here in Norway, but definately worth the money. Will definately repurchase.

Review by pinktulip: I love this! I already had the stick gloss in Baked Earth, but asked about a different color when my local Bluemercury was having a LM MA visit and she recommended maple. It looks dark in the tube and I wouldn't have reached for it, but the color looks great. It's like a sheer red with a hint of brown without being muddy. If I ever run all the way through this, I would definitely buy again!

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My Lip Stuff Pink Cake

Review by aznbebebabe: I love the balm, but I'm not overly keen on this flavor. It's a bit powdery and not sweet or pink enough.

Review by andij: the description on the site sounded so good i had to have it plus i was interested in trying one of brea's flavored (sweetened) lip balms. the smell is very nice, it smells so yummy and to me familiar (i haven't quite placed it yet though :) ), her balms glide on smoothly and your lips have a slight sheen to them (but not oily), and i love how moisurizing they are. this one is sweetened, at first i thought it was too sweet but now i love it! i will definitely buy this one again!

Review by joheinous: I like this balm. It's sweet, but not overly so. It smells just like a cupcake. You can smell the cake, the strawberry and the lemon. Sometimes the strawberry comes through stronger than the cake, but most times it's pretty equal. I would repurchase.

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