which lip products ranking first?3 best lip productss

By Christina

which lip products ranking first?Let's see the 3 best lip productss !


TheBalm Stainiac in Homecoming Queen

Review by askewchick: I absolutely love this stuff. I wasn't sure at first because it is just so vibrant orange on the applicator. It looks very nice and peachy when applied. And if you exfoliate your lips before applying, this stuff will stay on for hours. I applied it in the afternoon and it was still there in the wee hours of the morning after dinner and drinks.

Review by redheadjane: I love peach colors, corals, and so on and this is just the color. I love that the color can be applied light peach or dark orangy. it really blends in giving a natural look and the color does stay pretty well. I just wish this stood out more on my cheeks..

Review by Sybil84: All of thebalm's lip stains match the color of Popsicles...you know the old school kind in the yellow box. The color is vivid orange and it goes on bright. It looks just like you've been eating a Popsicle, not like you have make up on. It might swing for younger tweens and teens, but for adults this is terrible...I am only 23 and can't pull it off and coral/orange lippies are flattering on me. Stay away and leave the stains for the pink tones. I gave it 2 lippies since you get a good amount of product for what ya pay for.

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My Lip Stuff Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Lip Balm

Review by guitarzan: this is excellent. very warming and nice.

Review by Cristy1970: I LOVE this one; very sweet and spicy at the same time. Such a warm and comforting scent, great for fall. It makes me soo hungry when I smell it because it smells like a warm spice cake. Delicious!

Review by miss_mac: OMG I cannot keep this on my lips because it tastes so darn good. The scent is absolutely amazing. I can actually smell the cinnamon. This smells just like pure cinnamon sticks and brown sugar, not sythentic undertones at all. The texture is a little grainy, but it still provides the same shine and conditioning agents that all MLS lip balms do. I can actually taste the cinnamon in this. It tickles the tip of my tongue and the brown sugar flavor really comes through on this too. I would purchase this again, but then again I would like to try the other 400 flavors that I haven't experienced yet. Another great product from MLS!

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Bonne Bell Lipsmacker

Review by nechama22: i love these, especially the watermelon and dr. pepper ones. they leave a natural shine and tint and arent sticky or heavy. yay!

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: VERY GOOD. It's better than Chapstick or Blistex IMO. It is moisturizing and gives a good shine. Make lips soft, and doesn't feel thick like other lip balms. Will buy over and over!

Review by mashafromrussia: This is a review for the Holiday Collection Bonne Bell Lipsmackers. These specific smackers come in a set of four. The flavors are Holiday Punch, Sugar Plum Frost, Jolly Jelly and Sugared Berries. The packaging is really cute. Dark purple, Pink, Light Blue and Light Purple. The label has sparkly paper which catches your eye to buy in the first place. :) I really do like the flavor of all of these. My favorite is probably Holiday Punch, but they are all very delicious. They moisturize my lips, and I carry these everywhere I go. Very convient. I love lip smackers. They are a classic. I picked this holiday set up for 3 dollars. They are on sale at this time of year, and are a limited edition. Hurry and get yours now, before they're gone for good.

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