which lip products is the best?3 good lip products

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By Fiora

which lip products is the best?Let's see the 3 good lip products !


My Lip Stuff Cherry Almond

Review by Erin: Wow, it smells like REAL almonds! Usually nutty scents smell fake and sweet. This is true to it's name, the cherry is just right too!

Review by AimeeO: I love the texture of all the MLS balms, it glides on smooth and moisturizes well. The Cherry and Vanilla compliment each other very well, but then again, I love anything Vanilla!

Review by jules2064: The website says "a perfect blend of cherries and almonds" and they weren't exaggerating. It really is perfect! Tangy cherry and sweet almond are balanced beautifully. It smells like a yummy dessert!

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NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Calliope

Review by gogoamy: This was not the color I expected based on the reviews. Someone said it was like Honolulu Honey. It's not. Someone said it looks like the lip color Scarlet Johanson wear in her natural look. I don't see this either. Too dark. If it were the color displayed on the pencil strip around the base, I'd be happy. The truth is this is a medium shade of peach brown. There is nothing beige or light about this color. I was expecting for something lighter. Disappointed by the color, but I like the formula. Here's hoping Nars makes a peach nude in a Velvet Matte Pencil.

Review by spitfireseven: I LOVE THESE VELVE MATTE LIP PENCILS!
id ont ever want to use lipstick. like ever.
since its a pencil, you have great precision, something you wont have with lippies.
and its so creamy and smooth, it just glides on. You can use alone or put a gloss on top. With this I either just add balm or clear gloss or I add a lip lacquer in caraibe. it gives me this great caramel bronzer nudey lip. These pencil caps are so irritating though, they pop right off becuase of the air trapped inside of it, and you will definately need to repurchase.

Review by Keva: Great colour, great nude but peachy at the same time. I love the fact it is matte and stays on for a long time. Nars is just great. just add some Papua lip pencil for a darker colour.

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Sephora Lush Flush Wine Lip & Cheek Stain

Review by omegakitty: I used to buy this years ago, I liked it b/c it's more a gel than a drying stain... but back then they had only 1 deep red color which was a great for a base for red lipstick or a really vampy look... but I was in the market for something a little more everyday, so I picked this up in the light pink "rose" color, which is MUCH different from the sheer berry colors... and it actually doesn't end up looking similiar to the shimmery color in the tube. It's great on its own with some clear chapstick over it. I am so impressed, this is a gorg color and the staying power is great. See ya drying lipstains (revlon)!

Review by nechama22: I actually didn't like this product at first. I had bought it because I wanted a lip stain that I can carry in my bag. But I recently tried it again and am in love with it. It stains my lips evenly and lasts a long time. I just reapply if I want my lips a little more of a wine color later on in the day. I would say that it's more of a "grown up" kind of red color than the Benetint lip stain. Just make sure your lips aren't chapped before applying.

Review by mielr: I'm very pleased with this stain, though it took a thousand calls to Sephora for them to finally send it (they kept messing up my order, and I had trouble getting them to send it...though I'd paid for it. Sorry, off my soapbox now). It looks SO dark in the tube, but it looks like a really natural flush on my super-pale skin. It lasts all day on my cheeks, and doesn't dry my lips out like most stains do. Also, I love the wand applicator. I don't carry it in my make-up bag, so I can't comment on the tube breaking (which must suck so much, considering how dark this is), but all-in-all, worth 10.

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