which lip liner is good?3 recommended lip liner

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By Sara

which lip liner is good?Let's see the 3 recommended lip liner !


L'Oreal Crayon Petite - Warm Corals

Review by lbarnold: I threw this product away... I just couldn't get any use out of it.
I have to disagree with Lovelyliisa on the texture here....
For me, the texture was very stiff, and I had to tug 'n stroke to get any pigment on my lips. It wasn't creamy at all, but like gritty wax.

After all the hard work of applying it, it dried the edges of my lips out. My lips felt all crispy and strange...

Maybe I got a bad pencil? Who knows... If it was cheaper, I might try it a second time, but as it stands, L'oreal is a bit too pricy.

Review by ahappyplace: This is a shimmering coral shade. It is slightly more rose toned than my Dior pencil that I love so much in Soft Coral. It has a nice lead to it and is easy to apply. These liners are a great drugstore find.

Review by Newme: I stand by all these good reviews. A must for peachy lips.

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Bonne Bell Lip Definer

Review by kitten75: Good stuff! nice colors and consistency. and cheap!

Review by Chloeclover: totally awesome! my staple shades are Golden Latte and Sheer Berry both shimmery, one light gold other light pinkish berry). both are great for highlighting the edge of the lips. very creamy and i want to buy every shade. Spice (similar to WnW 666) is also awesome as well as Jave (matte creamy pink)

Review by cloud0204: I have toast and I thought it would be fun (when I bought it) to try lip liner. Not crazy about it, just and average lip liner. Also doesn't go on really evenly. I prefer the eye difiners:/

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NYX Rose

Review by labelslut: This is a medium bright pink. I thought it would be more natural, its not bad and the formula is nice and smooth, no tugging. Good buy for how much it is!

Review by tippygirl: Out of the NYX lip liners I have tried, this is definitely the creamiest. It's a nice base for the pink shades of lipsticks/lipglosses I have. This shade is quite warm toned and it's a colour that I find to be quite universally flattering. I would repurchase this.

Review by Susie31: I don't use this to line my lips, but rather to color them in. It's great to use as a lip color, because it lasts a long time, and gives a great matte, light pink color. I've actually been searching for a long time for a lip liner in this exact color, so I was happy when I found this.
It's pretty much a bubblegum pink. Paired with a gloss, or alone, it's great. I would not, however, use it to line my lips, it's too pale for that.
I like the fact that it's a little dry, because the moister liners come off too easily. I detest having to reapply my lip color every 30 minutes. This lasts a long time if you use it without gloss, lipstick, or lip balm.
*Update: okay, so this is a little brighter than I originally thought, but it's still a nice color. You could mix a tiny bit of white liner with this color for the perfect pale pink. Alone it might be slightly too bright for most.

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