which lip liner is good?3 best-selling lip liner

By Elena

which lip liner is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip liner !


New York Color Automatic Lip Pencil- Naughty Nude

Review by rebec75: color: NOT nude! waaayyyyy too dark to be nude, and when i wear this under a nude lipstick i end up with a gray color :/
texture: too dry, and goes on clumpy. then, when you try to blot the clumpy parts off it messes up the rest.
would definitely not buy this again!

Review by wunverdoll: This review is for the automatic lip liner in Bare Brown. Great liner, similar to Clinique's Quickliner but with a slightly more substantial tip. It is particularly suitable if your lips are a bit more pigmented. Works great for a nude lip color for dark skin if you top with a subtle lip gloss. Wonderful price - 2.99

Review by omegakitty: Love this stuff! I just needed a true nude liner that was neither too pink nor too brown, that would look natural on my very fair complexion. It sounds like a simple feat but the closest thing I found to my dream shade was Chanel, which is fabulous, but too expensive for my current economic state. I picked this up for like 3 and it just happened to be the perfect shade. Also, the liner goes on smoothly, has pretty good lasting power, and is slightly sheer, so it looks ultra natural by itself or with gloss on top. Plus, the name is cute!

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Avon Glimmerstick Lip Liner CLEAR

Review by Newme: Had to stock up on this on eBay because it is so hard to find. Best lip liner ever. I just rub some on my top lip line before applying lipstick or gloss. It keeps everything in place. It does the trick simply and easily.

Review by coolRED: Good stuff! i got this for 3 coz they were having their usual 50% off in their website....well...i tested to see if it really made a difference with my gloss...top lip just gloss, bottom lip, l/l with gloss..and boy did it make a difference in lasting power and the color looks so nice when it stayed true to pigment instead of fading to a clearish-silverish shade i always get (especially from CJ's)...so im quite pleased...gave it a 4 because its a bit hard and i prefer creamy texture (like rimmel's l/l's)

Review by navarre: I wish we could still get this in the UK... I stocked up before the discontinued it. It's excellent to stop feathering and no need to match to your lip colour. Fantastic... please Avon, bring it back!

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MAC Oak Lip Liner

Review by fuxxy: This is just an amazing product, as all of the MAC lip pencils stay put on my lips almost all day. I use lipliner only (sometimes lipstick only, but on rare occasions..) on a daily basis and this color is a great neutral, slightly yellowish undertoned one that goes good with my very light skin color as well. It doesn't give me that "dead" look what some of these nude lip colors give you as it still looks vibrant and especially goes good with blue eyes:-). I would recommend it and purchase it again!

Review by beckibabe: Thought I had bingoed here BUT.....in France, I found THE PERFECT lipliner and this one is now on the shelf.....Its simply too browny and warm, unlike the natural line of my lips. It does not last long either but melts with lipstick..........

Review by Viognier: Slightly on the warm side of neutral. A beige/brown liner, great for a nude lip. Would look great on slightly tanned as well as fair complexions.

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