which lip gloss ranking first?3 recommended lip gloss comparison

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which lip gloss ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended lip gloss comparison!


mark Glow Baby Glow -- --(NEW) Pearl Luxe

Review by Graceteix: This gloss is pretty straight forward, what you see is what you get. Its a nice glittery clear gloss. It looks white in the tube but doesnt go on white, perhaps a slight cast of white but not enough to be noticible. The sparkles in the gloss are super small which makes the gloss shiny on the lips and appropoiate to wear during the day w/o looking like a hooker. The packaging is nice, you get a decent amount def. not a regular "full size" gloss tho. Overall i really like it but i dont think id repurchase b/c there are plenty of similar d/s glosses with the same price and more easily accesable. I will however wear it and enjoy it!

Review by mielr: This and Sun Luxe are my two favorite mark. Glow Baby Glow Luxe colors. This color has been brought back (yay!). Packaging has not changed (other than some applicators are black instead of the old white) - they still come with a brush, and the quality is still the same. This is a pearl color in the tube, and comes out clear with just the right amount of glitter. The glitter is small so it doesn't look like kid's glitter, it's almost micro-glitter. Perfect alone or over other colors. Slightly tackier than regular Glow Baby Glow, but not as tacky as Juice Gems.

Review by bunnyrabbit: Waaay better than MAC's Sugarrimmed when you factor in sparkle and size/price. About 1/4 the price of a dazzleglass, and it holds nearly a third more gloss so it last's longer too. It's packaging is actually smaller than MAC's which is surprising to me. I loooove this gloss. I wear it over MAC's Pink Plaid during the day, and over shades like Up the Amp and Most Popular at night. Absolutely gorgeous!
Will definitely be buying more!!

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Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Tint SPF 15 in Twilight Shimmer

Review by Suzy_h: Twilight Shimmer lipgloss is a shiny slightly shimmery brown sugar color. Does add just a hint of color to my pigmented brown lips. Very pretty on its own or layered over any lipstick. Not overly sticky and comes in a squeeze tube with slant tip. 16 for .5 oz and has SPF 15 in it which is nice. I think this is one of the more pigmented shades.

Review by cperry: I absolutely love this. I am reviewing the Black Cherry tint here. Its just soo moisturising and you get a lot for your money. I love to use this in winter when my lips get so dry. And even when it fades off my lips stay moisturized, unlike mac lipglosses that just look good and dry your lips out. Its not tacky as well. I line my lips lightly with nightmoth, blend well till it almost disappears, then apply this. My lips POP!

Review by JettNY: I LOVE this lip tint. I love that it has an SPF and the minty scent and slight tingle are very refreshing to the lips. I'm very pale with pink undertones; the slight plum-ish tint of this product is very flattering to my complection and gives my lips just enough color to look dressed-up, but not overly done. This is great for daytime. The product is very sheer though and may not produce much color or effect on gals with darker/richer skin tones. I'm on my second tube. Probably my all time fav for day.

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Chantecaille Lipgloss - Amaretto

Review by redheadjane: This has been my only disappointment with Chantecaille glosses so far. I originally purchased Amaretto as part of the Les Sorbets palette but you can also get it as a single gloss. While it is every bit as moisturizing (and with SPF!) as other lipglosses, it barely shows up on my pale lips, even if I apply heavily. My search continues for a true nude gloss without shimmer.

Review by lizbert: This is a very natural, non-shimmery nude gloss. As others have said, not super wet looking, which is a plus for me. I am fair, blue-eyed, light brown hair with fairly well pigmented lips. Rather than intensify my lip color, this plays it down a bit and gives me more of a nude look without the look of applied color. My lips look plumper when I wear it.

Review by Sybil84: I was in search for a nude lip gloss without orange undertones. I decided to buy Chantecaille Amaretto potted lip gloss. When the package arrived I gasped at an apricot-orange mass in the pot. The lip gloss turned out to be a perfect sheer nude colour without sparkles. It does not dry my lips. Various lip liners (MACs Beurre and Sublime Culture or Sisley Rose Sorbet) can add warm/cool undertones to your look.
I am considering to try Nectar, which has got a pink undertone and a touch of sparkles.

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