which lip gloss ranking first?3 best-selling lip gloss reviews

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which lip gloss ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip gloss reviews!


Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Slice of Heaven

Review by ninanina: Ever wonder how all those young Hollywood actresses have soft looking pink glossed lips? Think Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad. I think Slice of Heaven is one of their secrets. It's a soft nudish pink color with the slightest pink, gold and silver shimmer that absolutely looks stunning in all kinds of lights. It's one of my must haves and for the price, it can give my beloved MAC lipglasses a run for their money. Consistency is very creamy to the point of stickiness, and not watery like those cheapy cheap lipglosses out there which is a plus for me coz it means that you won't have to worry that the gloss will be all over your mouth 30 mins after application. and the scent is just that (and flavor too!), a 'slice of heaven'.

Review by OutofControl: The mackaging isn't great - I've found that the cap starts to flare out at the bottom afterawhile and it gets sticky - but that is the only bad thing I have to say about this stuff! I love the thickness, I love the stickiness (I like stick-ier lipgloss, it seems to hold it's shine and stay put forever), I love the sheer pearliness and very subtle shimmer, but most of all, MOST OF ALL, I love the SMELL!!
The smell to me is sort of vanilla-plastic-y. I mean this in the best way possible. It's so girly... it reminds me of the smell of a new Barbie or the My Little Ponies dolls, or for those of you that remember, the scented Cupcake Dolls. (If you don't knwo what I'm talking about you'll think I'm nuts). There is a def. note of plastic in the scent though which is so oddly appealing that I will never go to a different gloss again!

Review by franjipany: I originally bought Lotta Colada but couldn't stand the smell so I exchanged it for Slice of Heaven and I'm so glad I did. It smells and looks amazing and people always ask me what lipgloss I'm wearing! =) and it's not sticky at all! It's one of my favorites (for now!).

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Christian Dior Addict Lip Gloss- A Crunch of Chocolate-511

Review by beckibabe: Shiny but not sticky, is the best way to describe this lip gloss. The color is a sheer chocolatey warm color. I'm a LOLA (lovely latina) and this color looks very natural. It has no sparkles which is good, there's no graininess. This is my third Dior Addict lip gloss and I absolutely love love love it. If I were to best describe it I'd have to say "j-lo",it's very very j-lo. As with most Dior Addict glosses it does have a slight fragrance. It doesn't bother me but it is a little strong for a gloss, like roses. I would definitely repurchase.

Review by suze9_8: This color is a non-shimmery cocoa. Not dark for me [some pale skinned girls might say it's a bit dark for them] and looks polished for daytime and tempting at night. I notice that it makes my lips smooth [fills in the lines] and I love the shine!

Review by spitfireseven: Looks sooo nice. Make my lips look wet for hours and hours. The gloss also looks natural on my lips, but it still gives color and shine. Definitely will buy again.

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LORAC Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick -Trend Setter

Review by shelby1123: Trend-setter looks like a pink with gold undertones in the tube, but appears a lot more pink on my lips. I love the consistency. It isn't sticky but isn't so glossy that the color comes out sheer. I was very impressed with the wear! I had been wearing this for about two hours and it still looked like I had just put it on. And like the reviewer below me mentioned, the smell is delicious! This is perfect for women who don't like to/don't have time to touch up their lip gloss often. Great new product.

Review by ciarar: I got this gloss as part of the Hollywood Hot List Collection (SU10). The whole collection is 29.50, which I consider a steal for everything that comes with it. This is the perfect shimmery peach for my NC20 skintone. It's a very beachy, summery shade that will look great with a tan. I would say it's more of a highly pigmented gloss than a liquid lipstick. The shimmer is just to die for ... the color is 3D and does NOT have chunks of glitter in it. It makes my lips look full and luscious. This pretty pearlescent peach goes perfectly with bronzer and is now my go-to lippie for summer!

Review by cweiss: I love this!! I'm not big on lip products at all, because I usually find them sticky and don't like the feeling. But this isn't sticky at all. I think if you put too much product on it could look a little too frosty and kinda crazy, but a few dabs look really pretty. Great color, great product, I love it =)

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