which lip gloss is the best?3 recommended lip glosss compare

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended lip glosss compare!


Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Lavender Marquis

Review by bekkbekk1985: The microglitter in this is very pretty--yes, like diamonds--and it's also very glossy, so it really makes the lips dazzle. I like the smooth, slippery texture, too. Staying power is better than many non-sticky glosses.
Now, the problems. On my lips, though, I essentially can't see any pigment at all, so I took off one lippie for that (its effect on me is essentially like the Lancome JT in Miracle--beautiful microglitter, no color.) But, most of all, I don't like the fragrance. To me, it's a heavy, vanilla buttercream with an artificial/chemical edge--cloying. I notice the fragrance for an hour or more after I apply this gloss.
Even though the other colors look very pretty, I won't buy any others in this line because of the fragrance alone. It's just not my thing.

Review by bossanovaville: I used to love ths lip gloss and i would mix it with sally hanson diamond lip in solitaire which gives my lips a perfect creamy pinkish color. I didn't need a lip liner with this combo. I just put on the lavendar marquis with a light coffee colored lipliner with it and it looks fabilishis.So you definitely need a liner to go with this color. It comes in a tube with a diamond like jewel on it and a brush applicator. Sally hanson did a great job with this lip gloss.

Review by tetrakis: I absolutely adore these new glosses from Sally Hansen! I have two now and can't wait to get more. They are so shimmery, not too sticky, smell divine (vanilla-ish) and have a brush applicator, which I love much more than sponge applicators. They also last on a long time...much longer than most high-end glosses I own.
Lavender Marquis is a gorgeous shimmery purplish-pink color. On my pigmented lips it looks like a very shimmery mauvy pink with a touch of purple, and makes them look plump and shimmery and luscious.

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Anna Sui Ring Rouge - # 601

Review by labelslut: I have this shade and although I usually don't like orangey or peach shades, this is just beautiful! REdish with gold shimmer and fairly sheer, so it has a more natural look to it. Remember it's available in the lip rouge pot as well and probably a better deal considering the price of the rings.

Review by redheadjane: Lovely product from anna sui! I wore this ring rouge out for the first time today and I recieved lots of compliments from my friends! Its a bit gross to stick ur finger into the pot to apply the lip gloss though but its great as a fashion accessory! 601 is a reddish lip gloss with gold shimmers. It turns a dark pinky colour colour on my lips. I paired this gloss with a neutral gold eye look and the effect was amazing! Go get it while its still available!

Review by mielr: This is the most beautiful gloss-- a corally pink with gold shimmer. (For those who speak the language of MAC, it's dainty cake in a gloss!) It also smells like roses, but the fragrance is not unpleasant or overpowering.
My one complaint-- such a tiny amount of gloss for such a high price! I can't complain TOO loudly though... the packaging is just breathtakingly beautiful!

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L'Oreal Colour Juice in Panther Pink

Review by biomechmonster: had this forever. it is a little intense for me as a lip gloss, it is really pretty. I actually use it as a blush now. A little dab in my cheekbones is the perfect 'glow'. id but it again if i could.

Review by Pinki: Gorgeous! This 2006 LE shade is a medium pink with pink shimmer. Not girly, but a more sophisticated pink. Comes with a Double Extend mascara, which is nice because I needed a lengthening mascara anyway.

Review by Angeline: Panther Pink came as a bonus with the Double Extend mascara I picked up recently. I like a lot. It's a deeper, prettier pink than Watermelon Crush is. It has that fake-candy smell the other Color Juices have, but it goes away quickly. I love these lip glosses. I like the texture, the colors and the staying power. Panther Pink is LE, so if you like it, grab what you can. I probably will pick up another one.

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