which lip gloss is the best?3 recommended lip glosss brand

By Vicky

which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended lip glosss brand!


Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss 3 - Pink

Review by julie9536: Tastes like Mango, very pretty and glossy. I am white but my friend who is a darker complexion tried it and the gold flecks scattered on her face as it wore off. I looked up close and it did the same thing to me but you couldn't see it on me. Just something to keep in mind. I think it is worth a try and I like it but not sure if I'd go for it again. Kind of fun for something cute in the purse to show your girlfriends though :)

Review by peachy905: If this could be summed up quickly... vibrant pink infused with super golden shimmer in a high gloss payout. It's not tame and certainly not demure. It's a bold colour that begs to be put on in the summer and nights out. It's definitely a fun colour and the golden shimmer is just amazing. It's like a million ultra tiny camera flashes going off on your lips.
I love it for the colour and gloss but the cost is just too expensive in Canada... nearly 40. So for me, I really can't say it's worth the amount to repurchase. I understand that it's supposedly infused with 24kt flecks but ... I'm eating it literally. Lovely gloss... high price.

Review by bunnyrabbit: Hi! First review here! yay me!.. So this gloss is really cute, but I dont feel its totally appropriate for fall/ winter months since its like really glittery. A plus is that its not sticky so if Im wearing my hair down it wont get stuck to it. I've used this occasionally at night so I dont think that it was worth the money spent on it. But hey the packaging is really cute =]. But I much prefer MACs lustreglass glosses.

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Almay Ideal Gloss in Red Shimmer

Review by mworley00: The smell of this lipgloss was a real turn off for me, hence the low rating. Hard to describe; but the smell is very strong and lingered for a while. However, this gloss did make my lips look great-with just the right amount of colour and shine, when paired with a matching lip liner. Based on the smell alone, I would not repurchase.

Review by Stampy_76: i am pretty sure this item is discontinued considering i just bought it at the dollar store. which really sucks.
i just smelled it, and mine doesn't really smell like anything.. which is good.
i am pretty pale so red lipstick can be pretty harsh on my fair skin. but this lip gloss is perfectly sheer and goes well with pretty much any makeup look. if you can find it, buy it. you wont be sorry!

Review by sjcsmall: I'm not even sure if this product is still being made. I threw it in with an Ebay order I was creating, since I'd never even heard of it. I'm hunting for a great red lip gloss. I've been really into red lips lately, and found some regular lipsticks I like, but had yet to find a decent red gloss. This comes pretty close. It's not sticky at all, has a nice brush applicator, and gives good color. It's not too bold, but there's actually red pigment that shows up. I'd definitely buy it again.

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Naturistics Automatic Lip Gloss COCONUT

Review by kitten75: Yum! A fantastically scented coconut gloss. It is a bit on the thin and runny side, but that doesn't take away my love for this gloss! It's ultra shiny, and requires multiple applications, but it's pleasing as I love the coconut scent and taste so much :) I will repurchase, definitely :)

Review by kit_kat68: This stuff grosses me out. I dont like coconut-and this one is especially bad. It nice when you first put it on-but then it kind of melts on your lips and just gets oily and gross. For some reason I still want to try this in another flavor. I wouldn't buy coconut again though.

Review by LuiLui: I love coconut lip gloss, but it's kinda hard to find, so I was thrilled when I discovered this! It's clear and glossy. It tastes very realistic. I want to try vanilla next!

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