which lip gloss is the best?3 popular lip glosss review

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 popular lip glosss review!


MAC Lipglass in Lust

Review by stellaluna2: Ahh very similar to my Estee Lauder lip vinyl in vinyl chic but for less ! Great color for a CCC/GGG =)

Review by cgosyne: This is exactly the color I was looking for. Something natural enough to wear on no makeup days but still enough to wear with more dramatic makeup. My only complaint is that the tube is so small and I can't afford to buy a 14 lipgloss of that size. However the next time I get a chance to get another I will definitely repurchase.

Review by cosmokid: This is one of the best lip gloss i've ever tried. I love the colour, it flatters my skin tone alot (fair asian skin) and it provides a nudish sheen on my lips. It's not too flamboyant and not too subtle at the same time, very natural. My lips looked really healthy. I've finished my first tube and i will buy a new one! The minus point: it gets really sticky and my hair got stuck to it so often.

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Lancome Color Fever Gloss Tumultous

Review by Stampy_76: Lovely shimmery neutral. Will definitely repurchase. Love the texture and color.

Review by oopsygirl: Awesome! Love it, love it! Thanks to the SA at Bloomingdale's who sold me this. The color looks amazing on me, together with Bonzelle lipliner( I am a brunette with light yellow undertone). The color does not wash me out even if I am not wearing a lipliner. Staying power is good,
put it on at 8AM and lasted until I ate lunch at 1PM. I will describe the color as a caramel, kind of reminds me of Juicy Rouge/Caramel but without the glitter and this one has more pigment. Still has some glitter, but not over the top.This a perfect neutral, ever day color for work.

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipgloss with Liquid Prisms

Review by shelby1123: I really like these... and I'm not too sure why! The texture is really thin and watery, and sometimes I find that because of this the pigment gathers in the cracks of my lips which ain't too flattering. Also, the irridescence is not really out there. Sometimes, I can see the irridescence, and sometimes there just isn't any. Either way, the irridescence doesn't last long at all. Still, they look pretty darn cool in the tube and when you first apply them to your lips. The signature EL scent has been replaced in favour of a sweet, sweet scent, which I don't really like. Despite the fact that there are better glosses out there, I somehow managed to collect four and love each and every one of them! Go figure.

Review by munchlaxy: When I saw this for the first time, it completely took my breath away! It was the neatest effect I have ever seen in a gloss. Dont let the color in the tube scare you because every color is truely wearable once its on. I wish that every gloss out there would have a brush applicator instead of sponge, but that is a personal gripe. This gloss feels wonderful. Ebay has it cheaper so look there.

Review by fitnessa: I agree with the previous reviewer in that these are a lot more exciting in the tube than on the lips. They are pretty sheer, and the prismatic effect did not show up at all on my lips, although the color that I tried (Psychedelic) was very pretty-- just not "prismatic." This is a very edgy product for Estee Lauder, as far as I'm concerned, and the overall effect of the gloss is quite satisfactory, if not just a little misleading.

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