which lip gloss is the best?3 popular lip gloss review

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss review!


Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Colour - Seduce

Review by ckgurl714: Wonderful product - I've asian olive tone and this gives a perfect nude gloss to my lips!! I rated it 4 because for a long day, you've to repply it a few times. Otherwise I simply luv it!

Review by cloud0204: For the record I am NC40 (MAC shade) and I have very pigmented lips.
This is probably one of my HG sheer nude lipglosses. I bought this I think on sale for under 7 Canadian at Shoppers Drug Mart.
This goes on very smooth, sheer and it's like a light brown nude color. It's pretty. It lasts for an hour or so which is fine because I just re-apply anyway.
This product kinda smells like baby powder or something, lol I don't mind it! But I love this and always will buy this :)

Review by ciarar: i love this color. I'm a tried and true mac lip gloss girl. But seriously, I love this color. Very natural looking. Actually looks a little darker in the tube than on. I'm getting a backup just in case.

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Bonne Bell Pina Colada LipSmacker

Review by oneofmylies99: Great lipsmacker! I couldn't find this anywhere and finally got one in a swap! I love the scent, though it might be overpowering for some. I wish Bonne Bell would at least bring this back in a 3-pack during summer.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: i LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipsmacker! i have a bunch of lipsmackers but i use this one the most. it smells just like coconut. yum!

Review by Capprii: I remember having this a very long time ago. I wore it a little bit in elementary school, but eventully I moved on to better things. Awhile ago, I looked in every possible store to find it again, but it's nowhere. Maybe I will try the BB website: mmmmmmmmmm.... I can still smell it!

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Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer Pink Patina

Review by redheadjane: Although it looks horrible in the tube, it's actually a gorgeous pale pink colour. Great for when you're doing a smokey eye and want something subtle (yet unique) for lips.
The packaging is nice and I quite like the tube (just don't drop the lid in public or you may never find it again!)
The issue I have with this is how thick and sticky it is. It's very longlasting, but personally I hate thick, gloopy glosses. But if you like them, this is definitely the gloss for you. Very longlasting. I find that I don't use it all that much, especially when I'm touching up my lips on the bus or in public, I'm always a little worried that my hair will blow in my face while I'm applying it. And I find that when it does wear off, it leaves my lips feeling horrible.
I definitely won't repurchase.

Review by stephanie32082: Amazing gloss, ok maybe not amazing, although pretty impressive. This color for one, is the best milky-pale-slightly shimmery pink for my warm toned skin. Texture is goopy, and when I talk it sticks to the inner lips, sort of gross, so I wipe it off from the inner lips. It helps. The dispenser should have a slant or a sponge tip for the . I might also like some maxi lip or something of that nature in it, to make this the HG. I think it is my new love, but not true love. Sort of a infatuation. Will see if it stands the test of time, and i am willing to forgo all others. This color is awsome !!

Review by bastet: Like its name, its a lacquer, not a gloss. It really lacquers/polishes your lips and stick on, very long lasting for something that has a glossy presentation, although it's goo-y and sticky and like the review below, it goes into the inner lips and feel weired but good thing is due to this lacquer goo-y texture, it is water-proof, water float on top of the lacquer which is quite handy. I'll definitely buy again, it's a good buy and the 21grams tube will last u a really long time

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