which lip gloss is the best?3 good lip glosss

By Stella

which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 good lip glosss !


Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in Brun Galactic

Review by Chloeclover: I love this gloss...its an amazing taupey brown with subtle multi-colored shimmer. Its such a great and unique color. Similar to MAC's Oh Baby but without the glitter. Great to wear alone or over other lipsticks for a shiny mouth. Tip: Pair with a chocolate lipliner for a bronzey pout.

Review by Viognier: I love this lipgloss! I love the brush applicator and how it doesn't go on sticky like other lip glosses. It also stays on your lips and the color doesn't slide around too much. The color is not only pretty but it is also versatile. Brun Galactic is a good day color since it is sheer but has enough shimmer and shine to make your lips look sexy at night. I was a little hesitant to buy it at 15, but I definitely think it was worth the money.

Review by Erin: I agree with the other reviewer -- beautiful color! One of the things that I like best about this gloss is that the applicator is a brush. It applies the product in a smooth, precise and even layer. Also, the gloss isn't thick or tacky. I like these glosses almost as much as my beloved Glossimers!

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Rimmel star dazzlers- brilliant

Review by stephanie32082: very pretty color...I got this in a package of 2 at the DOLLAR shop...so for .50 cents...it was a fantastic deal...and I love the scent...will not buy again tho...too gritty on my lips

Review by franjipany: This was a blah product. I much prefer tackier lip glosses because they don't settle into lip creases and look funny. The color was okay, a little too silvery to be perfect. I liked the angled applicator tip though.

Review by belladoggie00: For 4, you get a nicely pigmented gloss. On my mauve lips it showed up a silvery champagne color.
It has a thin consistency like the tube lipglosses, with about the same staying power. Lovely creamsicle scent, and slanted lip applicator is a plus. I would repurchase this if the staying power was more than 5 minutes.

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NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss - Tanned

Review by rebec75: This lip gloss creates the perfect nude lip when paired with nyx tanned. I don't really care for the applicator brush. There is too much product dispensed at one time. I also don't care for the bubble gum/ fruit smell and taste.

Review by staci01: Perfect nude lipgloss especially when paired with NYX tea lipstick and rose brown liner. A dream come true for a nude lip lover like me. MAC C8 for reference.
Edit: While I'm still loving the color of this gloss, it does leave a white ring on my inner lip and is not the most long lasting gloss. Bumping this down to a four.

Review by srobinb: Yes i would buy this product again and again as long as they dont discontinue this color. I am very pleased and suprised that this 4 dollar lipgloss can do so much more in terms of color payoff than any expensive brands that i have ever tried. Best nude lipgloss (peachy beigy) for a NC40 girl like me.Awesome color period!!!

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