which lip gloss is the best?3 good lip glosss compare

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 good lip glosss compare!


Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers-Plum Splash

Review by DawnD: Sorry, ADH, I have to disagree. I *do* love this product's color, I *do* love this product's scent, but I *hate* how it lasts (or doesn't) on my lips. It gets kind of sticky and creates those dreaded lip skin blobs on the insides of my lips. This product is going in the trash for me! I can find better products than this. A real let down, I'm afraid.

Review by lbarnold: This is a nice gloss. It's fruity and slick and has a nice deep tint. I won't deduct for lasting power, but I've never tried a gloss that lasts a long time. I mean, it's lipgloss. I got this at Long's for 2.99.

Review by bastet: The pigment shocked me on this! Was not expecting it at all, given that the website description says "sheer." I got this packaged with the CG Outlast Stain in Sassy Mauve. The gloss was the main reason I chose the set. Yes it's fruity and pigmented and as another reviewer wrote, metallic. On it's own, it's okay. Not drying. Lots of color. Combined with the Outlast, it's an amazing lip look. The stain gives the color depth.

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Lancome Star gloss - star struck

Review by lmharte: This is one of my favorite glosses -- not because it keeps my lips hydrated, but because it is so pretty and comes in such a pretty container. This color is truly one of the prettiest products out there.

Review by Jessimau: Surprise! I got this on ebay the same way a lot of others have. I'm not as in love with it as others are though. I'm a brown skinned GGG with dark brown eyes and hair and really pigmented lips so this pretty much ended up a neutral YLBB plum shimmer on me. I wear it over my Endless Perpetual Plum lipstick and it looks really nice but unless they come out with colours with more umph and that compliment my skin tone I don't think I would repurchase!

Review by Suzy_h: Bought it for a mere 4 on Ebay! As everybody else said: Don't be afraid of the color in the tube.
When I put it on my lips it goes on a plummy/copper color. It's a bit too loud for me so I blot it down and it looks just like a light plum stain as though I had just eaten berries. Love the texture and the wand.
Not sure about the staying power yet but I'm a smoker anyways so I never expect anything to stay on too long.

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MAC Of Corset

Review by kimmie578: I wasn't planning on buying any of the lipglasses in Lingerie until I saw Of Corset! in person. I'm a huge sucker for peachy-pink lipglosses (Prrr is one of my favorites), and that is exactly what Of Corset! is. It has some pink and gold shimmer, and while I sort of see the resemblance to Prrr, they really are quite different on my pigmented lips. Of Corset! is not really frosty on me and much warmer. I love the color, the stickiness, and the vanilla scent. I'd buy it again if I ever ran out and could find it, since this is LE :(

Review by Cordelia: the perfect peachy pink colour i have ever tried. prrr was waaay too frosty. im nc50, and this looks amazing.same fabuous mac texture.

Review by aznbebebabe: Of Corset! is such a pretty color. I love the smell and thickness of MAC's lipglasses. They make my lips feel so moisturized. As for the color, it's a gorgeous peachy frost on my fairly pigmented lips. I'll be buying a backup of this since it's an LE shade. Edit: Bought a backup. This is such a great color and definitely worth 5 lippies!

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