which lip gloss is the best?3 good lip gloss comparison

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By Fiora

which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 good lip gloss comparison!


Prescriptives Tint Balm in Punch

Review by aml1: It is a beautiful sheer watermelon/punch color. Great for summer and plus got SPF 15

Review by staci01: I tried this at the Nordstroms counter and decided to buy Smoothie. But the Prescriptives Tint Balms are wonderful! Just what I was looking for. They give the right amount of tint without making your lips feel sticky. Whereas Juicytubes by lancome is more like MAC lipglass in a tube - these tint balms are more actually like a balm so they are good for your lips and they don't feel tacky. The packaging is simple and it's a buck cheaper than juicy tubes - but it's worth it too b/c you get a lot. nice scent. nice flavour. good for anytime.

Review by meeshmu: love px lip balms....moisturizing and glossy just about the only lip gloss that doesn't leave my lips dry...

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mark Tea Pots - Red Zing and Honey

Review by omegakitty: Perfect colors -- the clear gloss is just slightly tinted, the color gloss is a nice reddish neutral, and they look great together. Stays on for a long time and doesn't turn sticky as it fades. The only reason it doesn't get a 5 is the pot-style packaging (which I admit is a personal peeve) -- although it does look cute!

Review by YolandaMC: This is a GREAT product!!! It gives you a reddish brown color and it looks just beautiful!!! Plus it lasts a long time and tastes great!!!!

Review by miss_mac: At first I was put off by the hot pink sheen of the non-clear side. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and neutral a red it is though. It's quite flattering with my golden-undertones but isn't *too* warm. It goes on sheer but you can add more for more intense effects (not too much though or it goops up.) The clear side is not really tinted enough to show as anything but extra gloss but is convenient for layering.
The scent really is just like Stash Ruby Mist herbal tea with honey. Not very strong though which I was disappointed by. Hardly worth complaining about though as the gloss really is excellent.

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Milani Crystal Gloss - Tantalizing 11A

Review by Jennybear: I am not crazy about this color. It is too light and frosty for my PPP face and highly pigmented lips.
I prefer Coral Shimmer lip gloss by Milani which looks similar in the tube but goes on sheerer, less frosty but still with some shimmer, warmer, and slightly deeper, if that makes sense.

Review by bobsy: I love this lipgloss! It is a gorgeous coral color on my lips- not at all the scary bright orange frost you see when you look at the tube. Take a chance, don't be scared! :o ) EDIT: I no longer use this product.

Review by shimmering: Whoa gold shimmer. I tried to wear this today but the color was super shimmery/sparkly with too much gold and not enough coral. It just didn't look right on me. The color itself is pretty, it's just not for me. I have no problems with taste/consistency.

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