which lip gloss is the best?3 effective lip gloss brand

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By Sara

which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss brand!


Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer - Clear

Review by Jennybear: This gloss does give an awesome look but it's so sticky, and seeings as you have to apply it with your finger sometimes, like when your out. It makes it a bit annoying to try and get your finger feeling normal again. I wish it came with an applicator built into the lid.

Review by Viognier: I love napoleon lip lacquer range. it's very high in gloss and long lasting. I apply it with the lip brush ive got. Overall i think this is a great product. Oh it is very sticky too, because of it, ill give it a 4 lippy for it

Review by ninanina: This is a LAQUER!!!!!! Will not budge, I am in awe of this product. You get a huge amount of product for your money.

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Too Faced FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss - Strawberry Melon

Review by stephanie32082: Just got this the other day from Sephora...it's a great lipgloss. Like the other reviewers, I don't know about it's actual "slenderizing" capabilities but I agree that if it did actually work in that way it would be an added bonus. The lipgloss itself is great, though! Yummy taste, easy to apply, and the color is super sheer but makes lips look fabulous! I also find that it lasts really well, although I don't mind reapplying. :) It says on the Sephora website that it's limited edition, which means I'm going to have to stock up!!

Review by JT14: Great gloss! It has a nice light hint of pink. I wouldn't say it "slenderizes", but it sure does smell nice. It is similar to a Juicy Tube, but less sticky, which is the best. I'm not a fan of the price, but I'm happy with the gloss.

Review by laurilauri: ah what a perfect, sheer clear gloss. makes my lips look so yummy- my man who NEVER notices makeup things even said "wow, your lips look hot". not super smelly but just a nice sweet scent, and no weird taste. On the pricey side but worth it. Only one gripe- have you noticed the insert in the middle of the tube??? its not a full tube!!!! how annoying!! you only see it after you've used up a bit of the gloss!

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Lancome Glossicles (4 Juicy Tubes Holiday Set)

Review by mulhollanddrive: After reading all the comments about Juicy Tubes, I ran out to purchase this holiday edition set. There's 4 Juicy Tubes - it retails for 29.99. The colors, unfortunately, are simply not worth the price. What appears crimson in one of the tubes, regrettably, turns to pink when applied. "Citrus Wish" looks pink, but applies orange/coral - not what I had expected. Two of them were winners for me - the frost is excellent, and one of the tubes is a nice sheer brown. I suspect I would have been better off buying a Bonne Bell gloss - at least then I would not feel so let down!

Review by almighty_curv: Really pretty. I ended up swapping away Gingerbread since it looked too much another one I have and was basically clear but I love the other three. Especially Citrus Wish. A good deal for the money.

Review by diachu21: These were my Christmas gift to myself last year. At that time, Juicy Tubes were not as readily available as they are now, and I coveted them. Jingle Red is beautiful, a nice crimson shade on my pale lips. Gingerbread doesn't have much tint but gives lips a shimmer-free, clear glaze with a hint of a beige. Coral Rush is beautiful and sexy. Winter Crystal makes lips very pouty and shimmery.

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